Participate in Sunday worship and teaching with our missional, multicultural community.

Sunday Service livestream

Whether you join us in-person at 8:15am or 10:30am or watch the livestream at 10:30am, we invite you to come as you are to worship the Lord. We worship through multilingual music, shared testimony, and sermon study. We encourage you to join our community in person if you are able, but are blessed to connect with those around the world or homebound via our livestream.
  • For where two or three gather in my name, 
    there am I with them.

    Matthew 18:20
  • 두세 사람이 내 이름으로 모여 있는 자리, 
    거기에 내가 그들 가운데 있다.

    Matthew 18:20
  • Porque donde están dos o tres congregados en mi nombre,
    allí estoy yo en medio de ellos.

    Mateo 18:20
  • 因为无论在哪里,有两三个人奉我的名聚会

    Matthew 18:20
  • たとえ二人でも三人でも、わたしを信じる者が集まるなら、

    Matthew 18:20

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