We are a multicultural community in Christ.

Culturally unique, ethnically colorful,
and beautifully united in Jesus.


Sundays at Village

As a multicultural community in Christ, we are committed to providing language translations and diversity in worship expressions. We encourage you to visit our different worship services to find the style that resonates most with you.

Sunday Morning


Worship with hymns and choir at 9am

and led by worship band at 11am*.

*Korean translation available

Hispanic Fellowship worship service in the Chapel

Sun at 9am and 11am

Sunday Evening


Worship in the Chapel led by our worship band.

Grades 1-5 are dismissed after worship.

Sun at 5pm


Offered during all service times

In the lower floor of the Sanctuary building

In Kid’s Village

In Kid’s Village*

*Children attend the beginning of 5pm service in the Chapel.

Middle &
High School

High School students attend Sunday services with their families.

Middle School Sunday programming is at 11am service, in North Village.

Ethnic Fellowships

Ethnic Fellowships are our celebration of cultures at Village;
they provide a biblical community where you can grow with believers within a cultural context. Following are our current fellowships which we hope to see expanded as God grows us: Asian American Fellowship, Chinese Fellowship, East Indian Fellowship, Hispanic Fellowship, Korean Fellowship, and Mosaic Cross Cultural Fellowship.


What We Believe

We believe there is unity in diversity through the shared purpose of the cross. We follow Jesus into the margins of grace, love and sacrifice to serve the least, the lost and the last. Compelled by the life of Jesus, we live to see a kingdom of love realized on earth. God’s creation expressed in a beautiful display of race, color and humanity.