English Classes

Village ESOL offers online language classes to engage and connect the multicultural groups in our community. As one of the most diverse areas in the state, Washington County is home to immigrants, refugees, temporary professionals, migrant workers, spouses of visiting scholars and many more. All are welcome at Village ESOL to practice English and share their cultures. Our vision is dedicated to active outreach through educational activities focused on language development and cultural understanding. These activities help learners and volunteers realize their God-given potential as uniquely gifted individuals.

Class Information

Village ESOL offers English online classes for adults.


$25per person for each term (fall, winter, spring).
$30 for textbook (can be purchased from Village ESOL or directly from book stores)

*Financial assistance available if needed.


Village ESOL offers five levels of English classes. The classes are held only online using the Zoom application.

All students must have the following:

Winter term will begin on January 11, 2021. Class days are Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Classes will be held in the afternoon, times vary.

For details on class times or answers to questions, email Denny Willwert.

Student Registration

Winter Term, 2021

Please click here to see our Winter Flyer with class information.

All ESOL classes are being held online. Each student must have Internet access using a smart phone, tablet, or computer and have access to an email account.

Online Registration: Click here to go to the student registration form. Complete the form. Fees can be paid online. Submit the completed form. If you are new to Village ESOL, you must take a placement test. To schedule a placement test, email Denny Willwert.

New Students: If you are new to Village ESOL, you must take a placement test. To schedule a placement test, email Denny Willwert.

If you have questions, email Denny Willwert. 

ESOL Volunteer Information

Village ESOL provides volunteers with opportunities to“Live the Gospel” as we serve neighbors who want to focus on improving their English language skills. There are a variety of ways you can participate.

How to Get Involved

Review the Volunteer Opportunities below. Decide which would be a good fit for your gifts and schedule.

Consider observing a class or participating as a Registration Volunteer. This will give you a chance to see outreach in action, who participates and whether or not this service is a good fit for your interests and gifts.

Complete a Volunteer Application (Online).

Meet with the Program Director. Other steps in the process include an application review, contact with your references, or an orientation to our online platform. If there is a good fit between program needs and volunteer interests, an assignment may be offered. If all volunteer positions are full, an applicant may be encouraged to apply for future sessions.

Teaching Volunteers

Gifts: Administration, compassion, exhortation

Activities: Teach, plan and prepare lessons (or assist with any or all of these activities) using established curriculum, have a passion for helping adult immigrants and refugees, and attend on-going training. Teaching assistants help as needed, substitute when a teacher is unavailable, facilitate student group work, take attendance and distribute information to students as needed. Classroom responsibilities may be shared as agreed among teachers. All classroom volunteers should encourage and pray for students, co-volunteers and leadership.

Administration Team

Gifts: Giving aid, compassion, help

Activities: Facilitate the registration process, be available 3 or 4 times a year during registration, especially as the session begins. Attend registration-related trainings, encourage and pray for students, teachers and leadership.