January 29, 2023

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Annual Family Meeting

Today | Sanctuary Service

Today is our Annual Meeting during our Sunday Service! We have much to look forward to together. We’ll praise God as we hear stories from the past year and vote together for our 2023 budget, Proposed Missions Statement, and Village Council Candidates.

• The mission statement (in multiple languages) and proposed budget have been available in the lobby for the last few weeks and online here.
• Today in service, we’ll meet the Village Council Candidates.
• The Annual Report physical copies are available in the lobby this Sunday, and the digital version is now available on our website.

If you can’t be present  today, ballots are available in the lobby beginning today and must be returned by February 1, 9pm. They can be returned by mail, drop box at the info counter in the lobby, or the locked drop box outside the front office.


Village History on Display

Today | Columbia Rooms

Village Church has a rich, long history that began with a missional and loving heart to reach the people of this neighborhood. Through God’s faithful servants, Village grew into the missional, multicultural community in Christ that it is today. As we go through our Church’s mission and core values each Sunday of January, the photos, artifacts, and documents of our past also demonstrate how God has led us to this moment. God is not done writing our story! Where will He take Village next? Come witness our testimony of God’s faithfulness and stop by the Columbia Rooms before and after service January 22 and January 29 to view our history on display.

Do you have mementos of Village history that you would like to donate to the church? Contact Insil Kang.


Lay Chaplain Training

Sundays, February 5-March 12, 3-5pm | Columbia Rooms

Has God given you a heart for people? Do you sense His call on you to step alongside others who may need a listening ear along the way? This training might be for you! We’ll be looking at how to visit people, truly listen, come alongside the dying and/or bereaved, take care of yourself in the process, and more. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and we will discuss becoming a “Lay Chaplain” at Village. There is no obligation, of course. Registration required. The book “Coming Alongside: Basic Pastoral Care at the Bedside” by Jeffrey R. Funk should be purchased before the first class. It is available on Amazon.

Register soon by emailing Pastor Nancy Anderson or calling the office, 503.643.6511.


Women’s Event: The Beauty of Serving One Another

February 11, 10am | Gym

Village Women, we are excited to start the New Year by praying and growing together! Let’s let God lead us into new relationships as we pray for a new beginning in our amazing sisterhood. We’ll gather and enjoy breakfast together, sharing a time of worship and prayer, and talking about the beauty of serving one another in our daily lives. If you want to enjoy even more fellowship time, come early at 9:30am.

Use the sign-up sheets in the Lobby or email Pastora Aleida Rivas to RSVP by Sunday, February 5. Childcare provided for ages 0-3. Friends are welcome!

Upcoming Classes

Where are you in your walk with Jesus? Consider joining one of these classes to further strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Life with Jesus

This is a 4-week class for those who have recently started following Jesus. We will cover bible reading, prayer, church community, and living as a follower of Jesus. The class runs Sundays, February 19 – March 12, 12-2pm. Interested? Contact Pastor Jim Clementson.


Baptism Class

For those desiring to be baptized, we will cover readiness for baptism, lordship of Christ, and what does it mean to follow Jesus. This 4-week class runs Sundays, March 12 – April 2, 3-5pm. Interested? Contact Pastor Jim Clementson.


To Walk and Not Grow Weary

It’s not too late to join a challenging spiritual growth group! Join us for a study, specifically designed for women, on renewing your strength in tough circumstances. This study meets on Zoom, Mondays 7-8.30pm. You will need to order “To Walk and Not Grow Weary”, Fran Sciacca on Amazon or other book retails. Interested? Contact Poppy Smith.


Village Celebration of Culture 101

You are warmly invited to fellowship and a shared meal as we learn about the different cultural values that make up our beautiful community at Village! We will learn from Villagers as they share their personal stories and discuss together each week. Our prayer is that we shape each other with our stories, growing in loving curiosity for the beauty in diversity God has created. Bring your appetite to eat and to learn! This class meets Thursdays, February 2-23, 6-8pm in the Columbia Rooms. Interested? Contact Pastor Insil Kang.

Community Opportunities


Village Friends in Christ

Let’s make a new friend this year! As we celebrate our dynamic body of Christ at Village, we also commit ourselves to love one another, learn from one another, and become like each other. Sign up below to be paired with a Villager you haven’t met yet. The only expectation is that you meet one time; maybe for a walk, a coffee, or even a meal. Anything beyond that is up to you both! Friends in Christ is an easy and fun way to get to know one more Villager this year. Sign Up Here



Love volleyball but having a hard time finding a place to play? Look no further, as your own Village Church hosts exciting volleyball play every Monday evening, 6:45-9pm, in the Gym. This is a community event, with all levels of players invited. If you are new, we ask that you at least know the fundamentals of offensive and defensive play as things can move pretty fast. Four teams are chosen at random and are shuffled once during the evening. Expect to play six games per session. Questions?



Come play pickleball in the Village Gym! We meet two Sunday afternoons a month, 1:30-3:30pm. Dates are February 5 & 19, March 5 & 19, April 2 & 16, May 7 & May 21. If you have never played before, please email beforehand so the leader can meet with you and show you how to play. All equipment is provided, proper shoes and athletic clothing recommended. Questions?



Villagers, come join us every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6-7am for some fun basketball games. All skill levels are welcome. Ages 15+. Gym doors open at 5:50am. Questions?


Join the Tech Team

Are you interested in learning to run the sound board, fading through lights, or cueing song lyrics? We’re looking for more volunteers to add to our tech team. Our tech team is responsible for backing up those on stage and helping the service run smoothly. Training is available from Technical Arts Manager Ian Watts (for sound) and Communications and Digital Media Coordinator Charlotte Bryan (for lighting and projections). Email if interested.


Volunteer with Village Kids

Join us Sunday mornings!

We’re looking for small group leaders, worship leaders, and admins in our Nursery, Early Childhood, and K-5th Grade classes. Bi-weekly volunteers welcome! Application, Background Check, and COVID vaccination are required to join the team. Questions?


Upcoming Events

Click here to view the Events Calendar

Women’s Bible Memorization – Mondays, 11am. Join this group of women who are learning to hold God’s Word in their hearts. We divide a Bible passage into small sections, allow ample time to memorize them, and meet on Zoom to share insights and recite. More Info

Annual Meeting – January 29 Sanctuary Service. We’ll praise God as we hear stories from the past year, and vote together for our 2023 budget, Missions Statement, and Village Council Candidates. Questions?



Give today! Your faithful support is appreciated. It’s safe, quick, and secure to give online, but if you prefer to mail a check, you can send it to us at 330 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005. For gifts of stocks, IRAs, or other creative methods, please contact Patty, Finance Manager.

Worship is often described as ‘response to the Word.’ Our worship response is both personal and corporate–communal.

Take a moment to share your response from this Sunday’s sermon; it can be thoughts of reflection addressed to God, a prayer inspired by the teaching. Please engage in this act of worship, in response to His Word.

We share your reflections anonymously in our following week’s service, to encourage our community to grow together in Responsive Worship.

Participate in Responsive Worship now.


Walking Together in Discernment, Acts 15:1-21

Lead Pastor Paul Choi


Sermon Recap:

This week’s worship service included our annual meeting, because decision-making is itself part of worship.  In fact, that is this week’s sermon topic:  “Walking Together in Discernment.”  This week’s sermon is the fifth and last sermon in a series re-visiting Village’s mission and core values.  “Walking Together in Discernment” is the fifth of those core values.  By “Walking Together in Discernment,” we mean looking to the Lord for guidance in making decisions.

God does not direct us the way we might direct a robot.  Our own thoughts and desires figure in God’s leading us – just like wise and loving parents want their children to make choices for themselves, choices that will prove to be a blessing to them and to others.  So how do we discern the will of God?  

The book of Acts describes the way the early Church looked to the Lord for guidance.  Acts 15 records the very first Church Council, in which Church leaders from throughout the Mediterranean convened in Jerusalem to make a decision about an important issue, an issue that had occasioned major controversy in the increasingly multicultural Church of the first century.  The issue:  whether Gentiles who had come to faith in Jesus needed to subject themselves to the Law of Moses, including circumcision.  The book of Acts illustrates for us five key principles in exercising spiritual discernment.

1. God makes His will known to us through the BIBLE.  So we practice spiritual discernment by studying and reflecting on His already-revealed Word.  In Acts 15, all of the leaders – Peter and Paul, Barnabas and James – indicated that their thinking was rooted in their understanding of the Scriptures.  They asked themselves, and discussed with one another, “What do the Scriptures have to say about this?”  (They didn’t cite the Scriptures to argue for their opinions or personal preferences, but brought their questions to the Scriptures to discern, as a community, the will of the Lord.)

2. God speaks to us through PRAYER.  Chapter after chapter in the book of Acts makes mention of the early Church’s devotion to prayer (Acts 1:24; 2:42; 3:1, 4:31, etc.).  It seems that prayer was such an integral part of the Church’s practice that Acts 15 feels no need to make explicit mention of prayer. The people of God were praying, not just during the Acts 15 Council, but as a “constant, regular,  concerted, disciplined practice” that attuned their hearts and minds to the heart and mind of God.

3. God speaks to us through our COMMUNITY.  Acts 15:7 says that their collective decision-making involved “much discussion.”  They listened attentively to one another.    They could have entrusted the decision to the most senior or the most distinguished leader.  Or they could have expected a dream or vision, or even cast lots, in order to discern God’s will.  But instead they dialogued with one another, respectfully sharing their thoughts, and listening to one another.  

4. Consider “THE GREAT COMMANDMENT.”  God has already told us that He wants to lead us into loving Him more and loving our neighbors more.  (In fact, that has become Village’s mission statement.)  So spiritual discernment is about asking God, “Lord, how could I please You more, love You  more, love my neighbors more, in this situation?” 

a. That is exactly what took place at the Acts 15 Council.  They asked themselves, “How can we best demonstrate love for those who are coming to faith (and even those still thinking about coming to faith)?  Let’s not make things difficult for them!”  (Acts 15:19).  That is what it means to look to the Great Commandment for guidance.

b. When we have to choose between two options, both of which honor God by enabling us to love Him and love others, we are at liberty to choose either option.  But there may be exceptional circumstances that warrant our choosing to limit our exercise of that liberty.  Suppose your friend, who was standing with you in line at the McDonald’s to order, is a serious  coffee-lover. But her doctor has advised her to discontinue drinking coffee altogether.  In that case, to join her in drinking orange juice over coffee may be a better way to love your neighbor.

5. We exercise spiritual discernment by “CONNECTING THE DOTS,” so to speak.  Children’s “connect-the-dots” worksheets appear, at first, to be random dots.  But as you connect the dots, you begin to observe a pattern or design.  That is what we should do with relation to the world around us.  God is at work in the world in which we live, so as we observe the world around us, we do well to ask ourselves, what might God be doing in our world?  That is what took place at the Acts 15 Council.  After much discussion, apostle Peter said to the others, “Look  around!  Observe what’s happening!  More and more Gentiles are coming to faith.  This isn’t something we expected.  But God is doing something we didn’t anticipate.  God is welcoming Gentiles into His family.  So let’s keep in step with what God Himself is doing!” (Acts 15:7-9, paraphrased) 

What do you observe happening around you these days?  How do you see God’s hand in those circumstances?  May the Spirit of the living God open our eyes to see the beautiful pictures that God is drawing!

To summarize:  How do we discern God’s will and make godly decisions – as individuals and as a community?  Five principles enable us to keep in step with the Spirit:

1. God speaks through the Scriptures.
2. Regularly seeking God in prayer attunes us to His will.
3. God leads us through the community of which we are a part.
4. God’s will for us is that we live out love for Him and for our neighbors.
5. We discern God at work in our circumstances as we “connect the dots.”

We may make some mistakes in discernment and decision-making.  But we don’t have to worry about making mistakes because we can be confident that our loving Father remains at our side, walking with us in order to work out His good purposes for us, regardless of our foibles.

May our days be filled with beautiful stories of life-together with God and with one another… as we keep in step with the Spirit, and God walks with us, guiding us into the abundant life He has for us!



1) In what sense should decision-making (for example, a business meeting) be an act of worship? (How does Romans 12:1 define “worship”?)

2) Have you experienced being led of the Lord in community? Describe a time when, faced with a difficult decision, you engaged in dialogue with trusted friends in the Lord, and found that things became clearer.

3) What do you observe happening around you these days – in your family, your neighborhood, your workplace, our country? How do you see God’s hand in those circumstances?

4)Many of us have worried about being uncertain about God’s will or making mistakes in relation to decision-making. How did Pastor Paul speak to those anxieties?

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