Village Bulletin

June 20, 2021

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Join us in the Sanctuary! Sundays at 10am

Come worship in the Sanctuary! We ask that you wear your face mask while on campus and maintain a safe distance from others. For COVID contact tracing purposes, please RSVP here for everyone attending in the Sanctuary. If you have little ones attending Village Kids, register them here and review the Kid Check instructions here.

Our 10am service will be livestreamed on the Village YouTube Channel and will continue to be available after.


We Need You! Church Wide Database Update

Please take this 30 seconds survey stating if you still call Village home! You have all summer to let us know if you attend Village and in the fall we hope to create a church wide directory.


Join The Team – New Positions!

We have a few open positions we think you’d be great for, from facilities to pastoring to administrative! Check out the job postings and apply today. Email us for more information.


Hikes and Rambles

Village women, the trails call! Please join us for refreshing companionship as we ramble through the cathedral of trees and past marshy ponds of water lilies. Experience how readily friendships develop on the trail in God’s wondrous world. More Information Here

Worship is often described as ‘response to the Word.’ We have inquired how we as a community can best worship in this time of COVID, where we, instead of watching, can participate in our services, with as much engagement as possible. Our worship response is both personal and corporate–communal. Our online services have aimed to share the hearts of our Villagers, especially while we are physically distanced.


The following are in response to last week’s sermon:

“As always, the Holy Spirit convicted me–this morning I reflected on how often I push people out of my life because their beliefs don’t match my own. Even people I go to church with. God, please give me your eyes to see, to have teh heart to push through my comfort zone and my desire for “same-ness.” Thank you Father”

“God, I feel so disheartened after this past year seeing our country so divided, seeing even your Church so divided. We are supposed to be the Light unto this World, instead, we fell into the same sin of marginalizing others. God I pray that I may follow Christ’s lead of reconciling with someone that does not look like me, that may hold different political viewpoints. Lead me to humbly and patiently do so.”


Take a moment to share your response from this Sunday’s sermon; it can be a few thoughts of reflection addressed to God, a paragraph, a prayer inspired by the teaching. Please consider this as an act of worship, in response to His Word. We share reflections anonymously by adding them to our following week’s service, as our community grows together in Responsive Worship.

Participate in Responsive Worship now.

Lead Pastor Paul Choi, Poiema

Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-6

  • Please read Ephesians 4:1-6 with the group together. Is there a word or phrase that particularly speaks to you?
  • Share your own self-assessments on the two questions asked in the beginning of the message: (a) What are the things that you pray for on a regular basis?; (b) How tolerant and forgiving are you when you need to give up something for others?
  • Read Galatians 2:20 and Philippians 1:21 together. What do these verses mean to you today?
  • Try to describe and explain to one another about the three models of multicultural churches: (a) Assimilationist Model; (b) Pluralist Model; and (c) Integrationist Model.
  • What is your prayer for Village as a missional multicultural community in Christ?

Looking for last week’s questions? Previous discussion questions are in the description of the service video on YouTube.

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