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February 28, 2021

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Reopening Survey
Please take this short, 6-question survey to help our church leadership as we make decisions about reopening. As mentioned on our COVID Response webpage, we are eager to meet together as soon as possible and are balancing “meeting together” (Heb. 10:25), caring for “the least of these” in our faith community (Mt. 25:40), and respect for government authorities (Rom. 13:1). We will use the survey results as well as the County “risk level” rating, advice from our COVID Task Force, and other input to make a final decision. Take the Survey

Village Café and Workspace
Great news! The Village Café and Workspace is open. Come visit us Monday-Friday, from 8:00am-2:00pm. This is a safe, cozy indoor space for students, families, and small groups to gather. See you soon!

Blessing Venezuela with Love!
Join our Hispanic Fellowship’s relief ministry to brothers and sisters in Venezuela. This is the second time we are sending much needed, basic items. Please drop off your donations Saturday, February 27, 3-6pm, and Sunday, February 28, 1-4pm, at the main Sanctuary entrance. Questions?

Donation list:

  • Food – Oatmeal, Rice, Ensure, Grain, Pasta, Canned foods (tuna, chicken chickpeas, tomato paste), Powdered milk in small packages
  • Medicines – (in small packages only) Tylenol, for pain, for flu, acetaminophen, Vitamin C, Vicks Vaporub
  • Personal care – Cotton, Razors, Large Ziploc bags, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, Deodorants, Laundry soap, Bath soap, Masks, Gloves size M and L, New clothes for boys, New clothes for girls, Baby diapers, Adult diapers, Wet wipes, Sanitary towels

Baby Boxes – Thank You!
Because of you, our Baby Box collection was a huge success! We received over 2,800 diapers and have enough lotions and toys to make 10 boxes! We have two boxes headed to Village families and through a connection with an anti sex trafficking group, Michelle Jordan learned of 8 new moms escaping domestic violence situations who would benefit from the thoughtfulness and encouragement of a Baby Box. On top of that, Michelle had a sewing group sew 15 teddy bears to contribute to children in need and on the very same day a fire department contacted her about needing comfort items for kids due to the snow storm. Thank you for your willingness to serve our community. It’s amazing to see how God continues to use your generosity to love individuals and people groups in such extravagant ways.

This Summer – Lebanon Medical Teams
This summer Village plans to send a medical and dental team to the country of Lebanon at the request of our Lebanese ministry partners. As you know, this past year Lebanon has not only endured the COVID crisis, but a humanitarian disaster as a result of the massive port explosion, and an economic collapse in which the Lebanese lira lost 80% of its value. Our medical and dental professionals are going to help provide care for the most vulnerable as Lebanon’s strained medical system continues to focus mainly on COVID issues. Our team plans to travel June 23 – July 11. If you have a professional medical or dental background, we need your help. Please consider joining this special team! Questions?

Life Group Ministry
As announced this past Sunday, Dan Crawford and Jim Smith are joining our Village staff leadership as Ministry Associates, in their roles of Director of Life Group Ministry and Associate Director of Life Group Ministry, respectively. We are so grateful for our own Villagers who are stepping in as volunteers, but taking on the responsibility and leadership to partner with the rest of our pastors and directors. We encourage all Villagers to experience being in a Life Group. To find out more about Life Groups ready to welcome you, please email [email protected].

Easter Candy Needed!
Village Kids needs candy donations for our all new EASTER JAM! Easter Jam is our reimagined Eggsplosion and this year it will be a live online event for the whole family on Sunday, March 28. Easter Jam will be filled with fun games, eggs, laughter, and of course, the Gospel. Each registered family will receive their own party bag with all the items they’ll need for our Easter Jam celebration. Please join us in preparing the party bags by donating individually wrapped candy. Candy that fits inside plastic eggs and without nuts preferred. Please drop off all candy donations in the front office by Friday, March 5. Families, be sure to sign up here to have a party bag ready for you on pick up day, March 14! Questions?

Dig Deeper

Isaiah 61
Guest Speaker Dr. Jessica Taylor – Celebrating the Black Church

Prayer Requests
Please keep these prayer requests in mind this week.

  • Pray for upcoming meetings with Washington County as they plan for future COVID vaccine clinics to be held at Village. Pray for wisdom in the organizing, patience for participants and for equity among cultural groups as the vaccine is distributed.
  • Pray for those without electricity or heat due to downed power lines.


Sharing and Listening Guide
Take some time alone or with a small group to discuss the following questions based on today’s sermon:

  • Dr. Taylor began by stating how she does not speak for all Black people, nor is there one Black experience. Share what this means, and how that is a new or known concept for you.
  • Read Isaiah 61:1-3 again. How have you been taught or considered the ministry Jesus was called to in terms of these verses? How is the meaning of the verses new or different for you when you consider how our Black Church community would receive its message?
  • Read verses 7 and 8. How would these promises comfort and encourage an oppressed people? How is this still relevant today?
  • We learned today that worship is more than just music for the Black Church tradition, but a faith posture. Share, or sing, your favorite praise song or verse as a continuation of our worship.

Responsive Worship

Worship is often described as ‘response to the Word.’ We have inquired how we as a community can best worship in this time of COVID, where we, instead of watching, can participate in our services, with as much engagement as possible. Our worship response is both personal and corporate–communal. Our online services have aimed to share the hearts of our Villagers, especially while we are physically distanced.

These are responses to last week’s sermon: Community in Christ from Paul Choi

“I’m sitting here following the service this week not wanting to move . . . it is such a sacred place with Jesus and the family at Village. “The Kingdom of God.” I have been following that phrase for years and energized by it. But I don’t think I grasped until today the simplicity and practicality of it for the here and now. Loving those specifically around me in His love is not in an anteroom off to the side. It is the heart of God’s Kingdom on earth. It’s right here and now!!! I can stop chasing it and “hoping” it will involve me. It is here and now and there are people waiting to be loved. Oh, Jesus, make me a light to those you have brought my way.”

“As I was listening this morning to Pastor Paul preaching about loving each other as family and loving the world (and not just in a general sense but specific people in the world) I thought about our ESOL program and I was struck by these comments made by two of our ESOL students this past week: “The class with you and all classmates makes me alive. I can’t say how much I appreciate it.” And from another who is soon moving back to her home country: “I’m not a Christian, but I was welcomed like a family. I will never forget my experience here. Thank you very much.” Our goal is not just to teach English but to show the love of God to our students.”

“I have never felt so compelled to join a small group as I am today. I need a family of authentic people to connect with so I can give and receive. I would like to explore more about the early church.”

“Lord, if you would like to use me to be a life group leader, I am willing. Sometimes I don’t feel like I don’t have the right gifting to do it. But I thank you that you say in your word that your power is made perfect in weakness. I want to experience you working through me, so I want to put myself in situations where I need you to show up. Not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of those around me. Help me to desire to see you working more than I desire to be comfortable. I offer myself to you. Use me Father. I am willing.”

Please take a moment to share your response from this Sunday’s sermon; it can be a few thoughts of reflection addressed to God, a paragraph, a prayer inspired by the teaching. Please consider this as an act of worship, in response to His Word. We will share your reflections anonymously by adding them to our following week’s service, as our community grows together in Responsive Worship. *Due to service time limitations, we may not be able to share all submissions.

Participate in Responsive Worship now.

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