Village Awana

Welcome to Awana, our Village Kids Wednesday programming where kids grow in their walk with the Lord through worship, teaching, and memorization. We have been honored to offer Awana for over 40 years, including a successful year of virtual ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are looking forward to offering another year of Awana starting this fall, September 2022 – May 2023. Registration information will be available in August 2022.


What is Awana?

Awana is a world-wide nonprofit ministry focused on providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship solutions for ages 2-18. As the global leader in child and youth discipleship, Awana gives children the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus, no matter their background. For over six decades, the Lord has used the ministry of Awana to reach kids, equip leaders, and change the world. The unchanging truth of the gospel drives the same vision we’ve held all these years to reach children in every corner of the globe as we walk boldly into the future and continue to be used by God to help change the world.

Weekly Meetings

We meet Wednesday nights, 6:30-8pm, during the school year, mid-September to mid-May.
3/4 year olds meet in Lower Kids Village, Kinder-5th check-in in the Fireside room.


All parents check in their children through KidCheck, our digital security system, and a nametag is printed for their child along with a uniquely coded pick up tag for the guardians. The adult picking up the child must have this code at check out. KidCheck provides a mobile app for easy check in/check out.

KidCheck Setup InstructionsAndroid App InstructionsiPhone App Instructions

Registration & Cost

Registration for our 2022-2023 year will open in August

To attend Awana, every child has a $30 registration fee to help cover materials throughout the year. Kids will also need a handbook for $15 so they can complete fun study activities together and memorize verses. Kids will earn patches at progress markers throughout the book and will earn an award at the end of the year upon completion of their book. More details about books and awards can be found below.


Ministry Partners

Awana Ministry Partners are an integral part of our clubs. We would not be able to serve the community through Village Awana without our amazing team of supporters who rise to the challenge each year. Whether weekly or only at special events, each and every partner is valued. We could not reach over 100 clubbers a year without your generous support!

Interested in joining us our team of Awana Ministry Partners for our 2022-2023 year? Email us to get on the interest list, details will be shared late summer 2022.



3- and 4-year olds as of Sept 1

Cubbies celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers by helping them develop respect for God, His Son, and His Word.

All Cubbies work through the same handbook (this year the Appleseed Book) at the same pace, hearing lessons and experiencing crafts that relate to their weekly memory verse. Weekly Bear Hug sections include memory verses, Bible lessons, and activities. Throughout the book there are opportunities to earn stickers for their book and patches for their vest. At the end of the year, Cubbies who complete the book will be awards a red ribbon.

The Appleseed Book includes extra credit sections, called Under the Apple Tree, for those who are excited to memorize more!


Kindergarten through Second Grade

Sparks ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ. Kids spend the night playing team building games, listening to an engaging story, and working through their handbook with their leader to complete activities and recite verses.

Sparks work in different handbooks depending on their grade and if they completed the previous handbook:

• Kindergarten: HangGlider Book
• First Grade: Finished HangGlider? Move on to WingRunner. Haven’t finished HangGlider? No worries, finish before moving on!
• Second Grade: Finished WingRunner? Move on to SkyStormer. Haven’t finished WingRunner? No worries, finish before moving on!
• New to Sparks at any age: Start in HangGlider.

Sparks are free to move through their handbook as slowly or as quickly as they like. We recommended reciting 2-3 sections a week to complete the book by the end of the year. At the end of each section, Sparks will earn jewels on their flight wings badge. On completion of the book, kids will receive a green ribbon (HangGlider), blue ribbon (WingRunner), or hanging plaque (SkyStormer).

For kids who want extra credit, they can earn a special patch for reviewing the whole book and a bonus certificate by completing the extra credit handbook Frequent Flyer.

Truth and Training (TnT)

Third through Fifth Grade

Truth and Training teaches kids the truth of God’s Word, teaching them to follow Him and practice His grace. All TnTers work through the same handbook at the same pace (this year Evidence of Grace) and experience a large group lesson and small group discussion based around their memory verse and book actives for the week.

The TnT book is split into four sections. At the end of each section, kids will earn two patches for their uniform. On completion of the book, clubbers will earn a ribbon or trophy (based on how many books they’ve completed).

Extra credit is available in the book, in Silver (study) and Gold (memorization) options. These are also split into four sections. At the end of each section, kids will earn a Silver or Gold patch. On completion of all the sections, kids will earn a bonus certificate at the end of the year.

*Returning Sixth Graders are welcome to attend Awana to work on completing their fourth book. However, we do encourage all sixth graders to attend Village’s Youth programming, also on Wednesdays at 7pm. If your 6th grader would like to recite verses at the beginning of club and then join Youth Group, we ask that the parent/guardian of the 6th grader stay to walk their student to Youth Group before leaving. Please email Drew Fajen (Director of Students and Their Families) for more information on Youth.