October 24, 2021

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Youth Families: Guardians Meeting

TODAY, October 24, 11:45am-12:30pm | Chapel

Youth Ministries is holding a Guardians Meeting. We’ll meet in the Chapel after Youth Church for a short and sweet meeting. Feel free to grab some coffee from the Plaza before heading over to the Chapel. We’ll discuss discipleship plans for the winter, share a few upcoming events and teaching topics, and pray for each other. Questions?


Today’s Guest Speaker

We’re excited to welcome Jamie Kim as the first Guest Speaker of our three week Missions Celebration. Jamie is the founder and the director of Reah International, a Christian organization whose vision is the complete unity of the body of Christ in North Korea by empowering and equipping Christians to engage in North Korea. Jamie is the founder of the Empower Conference, which brings together business, education, medical, and humanitarian workers for cooperation in North East Asia. He also serves as an adjunct faculty of Soongsil University in Seoul, Korea.


Missions Celebration

We are excited to here from so many organizations and Village missionaries this month as part of our annual Missions celebration!

October 10

• Adrienne Livingston with World Venture

October 17

Mission Aviation Fellowship and film “Ends of the Earth

October 24 

• Guest Speaker Jamie Kim with Reah International
• Ernie Khaw with ForgetNot International
• Missions booths in the lobby before and after service

October 31

• Guest Speaker Mark Morris
• Focus: Afghanistan, Jordan, IRCO
• Missions booths in the lobby before and after service

November 7 

• Guest Speakers Josh Davis & Jaewoo Kim
• Guest Worship Leaders Proskuneo
• We are excited to welcome Josh Davis and Jaewoo Kim of Proskuneo. Leaders in multicultural ministry and worship, Josh and Jaewoo will spend the weekend teaching and leading our community. Stay tuned for more information.


Newcomers Welcome Lunch

Are you newer to our Village community? Visited us for the first time during this month? You are invited to lunch after service, in the Columbia Rooms. We’d love to get to know you and tell you more about our church. Children welcome! RSVP here


Mediation and Reconciliation – Tackling Tough Conversations

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our continued training and spiritual formation in reconciliation with Dr. Betty Pries. If you missed our Sunday seminar and would like to view the lesson, please email us for the link to the teaching. The link will be available for only a short period of time. Email us



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Worship is often described as ‘response to the Word.’ We have inquired how we as a community can best worship in this time of COVID, where we, instead of watching, can participate in our services, with as much engagement as possible. Our worship response is both personal and corporate–communal. Our services aim to share the hearts of our Villagers, especially while we are physically distanced.

These are response to last week’s sermon, “How a Church Makes Decisions.”

교회내 갈등은 사랑과 존중을 통해 하나돰을 찾아가는 과정을 배우는것이며 궁극적으로 하나님께서 우리에게 주시는 바른 길을 찾아가는 길있다.

“Conflict is natural. What does the Bible say about this? What is God doing here now?”

“When I get in fights I can remember that it’s natural, all Christians do that. Also that my response can change my anger and I’ll let god lead the process. – 4th grade Villager

Take a moment to share your response from this Sunday’s sermon; it can be a few thoughts of reflection addressed to God, a paragraph, a prayer inspired by the teaching. Please consider this as an act of worship, in response to His Word. We share reflections anonymously by adding them to our following week’s service, as our community grows together in Responsive Worship.

Participate in Responsive Worship now.


“Unity Paradigm of Missions”, Ephesians 1:8b-10

-Preached by Guest Speaker Jamie Kim


Please use these questions based on this week’s sermon as a way to continue in your spiritual growth this week




    • How do we do missions in countries where there is no Christian presence like in North Korea?
    • What does the Noahic covenant and the covenant in Hosea 2 say about creation’s role in God’s salvific plan?
    • What is the best preparation for the North Korea mission considering the unity paradigm looking at Abraham Kuyper’s quote: “There is not an inch, not an inch in the entire domain of our human life of which Christ, who is sovereign of all, does not proclaim ‘Mine.’
    • How can I support missions at Village this year? For example, add missionaries to my prayer list, support a Villager going on a missions trip, increase my giving and dedicate it to missions, etc.

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