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Stay Informed

Online Services at Village

As a multicultural community in Christ, we are committed to continuing to provide
language translations and diversity in worship expressions in our online services.

We provide weekly online services in English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese.


Latest COVID-19 Updates

Please click here for our latest COVID-19 updates for our church campus.

Virtual Worship

We invite you to come as you are and rest in the fellowship as we worship the Lord together.

We offer services in English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese as well as the Kids Weekend Experience. Please visit our Online Services page for more information


There are many ways to connect at Village. Please see below for valuable resources:

Keep up with event, opportunities, and church wide announcements in our Weekly Newsletter.

Interested in joining a life group? Check out our open groups or email us with any questions.


We are blessed to be able to provide online content for our Village Kids.

We are so excited to introduce your child to songs, story, and activities through our online Weekend Experience!


We are excited to be able to offer some in person meetings, following health guidelines!

Student Ministries is a place for  students to grow, worship, pray, and build a deeper understanding of their relationship with God. 

Ethnic Fellowships

Ethnic Fellowships are our celebration of cultures at Village;
they provide a biblical community where you can grow with believers within a cultural context. Following are our current fellowships which we hope to see expanded as God grows us: Asian American Fellowship, Chinese Fellowship, East Indian Fellowship, Hispanic Fellowship, Korean Fellowship, and Mosaic Cross Cultural Fellowship.


What We Believe

We believe there is unity in diversity through the shared purpose of the cross. We follow Jesus into the margins of grace, love and sacrifice to serve the least, the lost and the last. Compelled by the life of Jesus, we live to see a kingdom of love realized on earth. God’s creation expressed in a beautiful display of race, color and humanity.