Why Give?

We are called to give generously and cheerfully out of our love for God and our neighbor. We give our whole selves (talents, gifts, time and finances) in worship of our Maker and Master who is the true owner of all that we have. We give as an eternal investment, believe that God rewards us as we participate with Him in His mission.

**Our greatest need is for gifts to our Ministry Fund since we have great flexibility in using that money. However, if your employer allows matching gifts to nonprofit organizations, please note that “Village Baptist Church” is registered with Benevity Causes which allows gifts to our Grace Fund to meet the felt needs of both Villagers and our community. This is considered a non-religious fund and meets the requirements for most organizations. Please contact Patty Deiser with any questions.

Giving Update

2020 Giving

Budget through October

Ministry Fund Giving: $1,638,128

Facilities Fees: $37,430

Total: $1,675,558

Year to Date Expenses

Expenses $2,064,252

PPP Loan Proceeds Used ($354,009)

Net Expenses $1,710,243



Special Gifts Received Since April
Grace Fund: $121,293

Disaster Relief: $137,727

September Giving Participants/Families


Building Fund Update

Village Loans

We are blessed with a church community that supports our vision for carrying out God’s ministry through Village. Thanks to your generosity and partnership, we have made significant progress in paying off our building debt. Here is the latest information on the Village loans that were taken to pay for our worship center.

10 Year Loan: $3,023,717

5 Year Loan: $1,225,591