Where Are We Going?

Where Are We Going?

Part 1 – Pursue Truth

What is the vision for Men’s Ministry?  What is the purpose?

In other words, “where are we going?”  Without a direction, a goal, we can find ourselves traveling down many highways, doing many things, but going nowhere; never reaching our destination.


Simply stated, our vision and purpose is to assist themission of Village

1)Pursue Truth

2) Respond in Worship

3) Be Marked by Love

4) Live the Gospel

So how do we do this?  In this article we’ll look at the first objective: Pursue Truth


Consider the following synonym:


S-Scripture.  At its heart, Men’s Ministry must help men at Village become more engaged with God’s Word and Pursue Truth.

There is so much that competes for our attention:  Internet; Cell Phones, Facebook, Work, Career, Activity, Cable TV, etc.

Many of these are good things, but they cannot compare to our deep, God designed need for His Word, which is His transforming agent.

“Like new born babes, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up to Salvation (I Peter 2:2)


Through as many means as possible, we want to encourage and facilitate men in God’s Word.  We have several excellent opportunities:

Monday Night Bible Study – led by Chris Steenkolk and Terry Larrea. This is a fantastic gathering of men who meet weekly to study the Scripture, build relationships, and grow deeper in serving God (stay tuned for more details).

Men’s Group’s – we have several morning men’s groups that are building relationships and engaging in God’s Word.  We want to encourage men to join with others who desire to get into the Word of God on a weekly basis.

There are numerous ways to be engaged in Scripture.  However, to be consistent takes more than just personal desire or god intentions. It takes “a Village” (sorry for the pun).

In other words, we are at our best in a community of brothers who are seeking to engage the Word of God.  So take advantage of the opportunities to join with others and see your intake of Scripture increase, with the result that your life will be transformed.


Next time, we will look at the next letter in the S-C-S.


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