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Welcome to the VU home page where you’ll find current info on the adult education offerings at Village.


Special Note: Registration for fall 2018 term-based classes beginning Oct. 7 is now closed. But class descriptions can still be found below. Also, note that VU is under-going significant transitional development behind-the-scenes, in preparation for a restructuring to be rolled out in winter or spring 2019. Big changes to come!    

What is VU?

Village University (VU) is our program of adult education at Village. We are serious about the life of the mind and the indispensable role its development plays in a person’s spiritual growth. We believe cultivating a culture where rigorous thinking and respectful dialogue is valued is a part of loving God “with all of our minds” (Mk. 12:30). To that end we offer a variety of classes, seminars, and other educational events throughout the year, targeting all major areas of Christian thought, both theoretical and practical.

Educational Offerings

VU encompasses a number of different types of educational offerings. Much of how this is structured will be updated come winter of 2019. But currently we offer two types of classes. Year-round classes run continuously throughout the year, never require registration, and often combine a community-building component (e.g., sharing and prayer) together with a study or lesson of some type. Folks are welcome to join these anytime (just drop in!). Term-based classes require registration, typically run for 6-12 weeks during the fall and spring, and are more squarely focused on instruction. In addition to these classes, VU also offers periodic special seminars, study tours, and Critical Conversation events throughout the year. For more detailed info, see below.

Current Year-Round Classes (click to view list)

For any of the year-round classes below, please contact the listed instructor for more detailed information. These classes do not require any type of registration and you are welcome to simply drop in anytime! (It may help though to send the instructor an e-mail in advance so they know to expect you.) Many Villagers have found these classes, which tend to combine a community-oriented atmosphere with instruction, to be the perfect supplement to their weekend worship service routine.

Koinonian Class

Time: Sundays, 10:15-11:30 am

Location: North Gym

Instructor: Pastor Bob Walker

An adult fellowship class with an emphasis on discovering God’s Word and its practical application to our lives. A place to grow in your relationship with God and others in the Village family. For questions contact Pastor Bob at [email protected]

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Bridgebuilders Class

Time: Sundays, 10:15-11:45 am

Location: Fireside Room

Instructor: Ron Daley

A regular study of the Scriptures, combined with times of sharing and prayer.  While most of our group is retired, we are open to all who wish to join us. For questions contact Jacob Adams (class administrator) at [email protected]


Time: Sundays, 10:15 am-12:00 pm

Location: North Village (1st Floor)

Instructor: Craig Watkins

Mosaic is a cross-cultural and intergenerational fellowship that gathers for fellowship, worship, Bible study, and prayer.  We desire to connect all cultures to Christ and to each other.  For questions contact Craig at [email protected].

Current Term-Based Classes (click to view list)

VU’s term-based classes require registration to attend, and in some cases may have a cost for supplies and materials. Each class runs from 8-12 weeks and aims to provide more intensive, topically-focused instruction. For fall 2018, all classes will begin on Sunday, Oct. 7, offered during one of two slots on Sunday mornings. More specific dates for each class will be given by the instructors. Children are welcome to stay in our normal Sunday children’s programming while parents are in class.

Created for Connection: Couplehood in Christ

Time: Sundays, 8:45-10:15 am

Location: Willamette B

Instructor: Tracy Lewis, Aaron Truong, Yulia Friesen

Start Date: Oct. 7

Length: 9 weeks

Cost: Please purchase on your own the book Created for Connection by Sue Johnson (one per couple).

Whether you are looking to enrich a healthy relationship, renew the love you used to feel, or rescue a relationship gone awry, you will learn about the source of a lasting and emotionally satisfying relationship in this 9-week class. We will utilize Biblical principles combined with the highly effective, research-based approach of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples. The aim is to increase loving engagement, stop negative patterns, and strengthen communication. All of the instructors are seasoned Christian EFT therapists and professional counselors. Open to couples who are married, engaged, or seriously dating (must attend as a couple).

This class is closed.

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Staring Down Babylon: An Introduction to Habakkuk 

Time: Sundays, 10:30-11:45 am

Location: Willamette B

Instructor: Tom Grey

Start Date: Oct. 7

Length: 7 weeks

Cost: None

You’ve probably heard a speaker say, “The Jews were in Exile in Babylon for 70 years.”  But who were these Babylonians, and why was their conquest so important in Jewish history?  The answer to these questions holds the key to understanding the last 12 books of the Old Testament.   Join us in studying this period of history through the eyes of the prophet Habakkuk.   Along the way we will learn spiritual lessons that are surprisingly applicable today.  Bring your Bible and a 3-ring binder.

This class is closed.

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Critical Conversations: The Class

Time: Sundays, 10:30 am-12:00 pm

Location: Willamette A

Instructor: Pastor John Kwak

Start Date: Oct. 7

Length: 9 weeks

Cost: None

With this class we are creating a safe space for our diverse community to build on our past Critical Conversations events and go deeper on three of the subjects we’ve tackled at those forums: law enforcement and the question/extent of racial bias, the Trump travel ban, and the racially charged events of Charlottesville. Whether you attended the forums or not, and whatever your view on these topics, all are welcome to this class. For those who attended our past forums, this will help you process and go deeper. For those who didn’t attend, it will engage you in important conversations our Village community is having. Past panelists from each of the events, representing different perspectives, will join for select sessions, helping us to continue these important (critical!) discussions. Requirements to attend? Only that you bring a commitment to Christ-centered civility, and a desire to learn, as we discuss tough topics. (If registering, please plan to join for all class sessions you can, not based on topic.)

This class is closed.

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Current Special Seminars (click to view list)

VU Special Seminars offer intensive instruction in select areas of Christian thought and practice. A typical seminar will run anywhere from 2-5 hours and require registration. We are still planning our seminars for the 2018-19 year, so stay tuned for more updates.

To see a list of past VU classes and seminars

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