Village at Play

In 2022, our prayer is that Villagers enjoy the beauty of life as a gift from God through shared hobbies, social and leisure activities, and sports–let’s have fun together! You can sign up for a one time event, or join a Village at Play group that will meet up to 8 weeks together.

Village, let’s discover new interests and hobbies, while connecting with friends in Christ!

2022년을 맞이하여, 저희의 기도와 바램은 빌리지 형제 자매들이, 하나님께서 저희에게 주신 취미 생활, 사회 및 여가 활동, 스포츠를 통한 교제라는 선물을 통해서, 삶의 아름다움을 즐기는 것입니다 – 같이 즐거운 시간을 보내시면 어떨까요?
일회성인 이벤트에 등록하거나, 최대 8주 동안 정기적으로 함께 만날 수 있는 Play 그룹의 빌리지 모임에 가입을 하실 수 있습니다.
빌리지 형제, 자매 여러분, 그리스도안에서 다른 형제, 자매들과 교제하면서 새로운 관심사와 취미를 발견하시기를 추천드립니다.

Para el 2022, nuestra oración es que nuestra congregación disfrute de la belleza de la vida como un regalo de Dios a través de pasatiempos compartidos y actividades sociales, y deportes: ¡Divirtámonos juntos! Usted puede inscribirse en un evento único o unirse a un grupo de Village Play que se reunirá hasta 8 semanas juntos.

Village, ¡Descubramos nuevos intereses y pasatiempos, mientras nos conectamos con amigos en Cristo!

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Spring 2022

Boardgames Group

When: 3/10, 3/28, 4/12, 4/25, 5/12, 7-9pm

Where: Village Modular Trailer

Led by: Richard Revilla

Knitting Group

When: Thursdays, March 10 – April 28, 10am

Where: Columbia A

Led by: Jen Clodius

Chamber Music Play Group (Strings Instruments)

When: Saturdays, 2-3:30pm, March-April

Where: Bridgeroom

Led by: Karina Lee

Gundam Building Group

When: Sundays, March 20 – April 17, 11:45am to 1:45pm

Where: Rita 3

Led by: Towa Saeki

Pickleball Group

When: Sundays, 1:30-3pm, March 13 – April 3

Where: Village Gym

Led by: Tim Brewer

Basketball Group

When: Sundays, 3-4:30pm, March 13 – April 3

Where: Village Gym

Led by: Mark Nelson

Yoga Group

When: Wednesdays, 10 – 11am, April

Where: Columbia Room

Led by: Yoonsun Sunny Lee

Volleyball Group

When: Saturdays, 1:30-3pm, April

Where: Village Gym

Led by: Esther and Matt Doyle

Young Adult Mixer

When: March 12, 5:30pm

Where: Beaverton

Led by: Nicholas Chan

Fly Fishing Day – Beginners

When: Saturday, April 9, 8am-4pm

Where: Meet at Village

Led by: Ben Spotts

Card Making Craft Day

When: Sunday, May 15, 11:45am to 1pm

Where: Columbia Room

Led by: Lisna Lai

Golf Day

When: Saturday, May 14

Where: TBA

Led by: Joo Ri Kim

Hiking Day

When: Saturday, May 14, 9am

Where: Hoyt Arboretum

Led by: Sherri Lee

Fly Fishing – Intermediate

When: Saturday, May 21, 7am-6pm

Where: Meet at Village

Led by: Ben Spotts