Village Care

A family of Christ-followers who care for one another as Christ loves the church. We want to share some of the ways we express that care here at Village.

This list is not inclusive. We are constantly discovering more ways to share the love of Christ with those at Village and those around us. If we missed your ministry or you have an idea for us, please contact Director of Pastoral Care Nancy Anderson. She is here to support and encourage you as you live out what John says in I John 3:11 – “For this is the message which you have heard from the beginning that we should love one another.” “And this is His commandment, that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He commanded us.” (I John 3:23)

Please use these resources for yourself or if you know of someone in need. In addition, you may see where you could serve. Some of these ministries may be done from your home.

Village Care Quick Reference Contact List

Special Visitation Teams

Donna Thomas and Nancy Anderson

Homebound Ministry:

For years, Villagers have been visiting those in our midst who find it difficult to travel to church because of physical limitations due to illness or age. With COVID-19, this has presented some challenges, but they have still been able to encourage through phone calls, cards, and delivering gifts made by the children at Village.

If you would like to receive a visit, know of someone who is isolated, or if you would like to learn more about this team, contact Nancy Anderson. Training is available.

Hospital Ministry:

For those in the hospital, someone will contact you to offer prayer or find out how we may support you and/or your family. If you let the office know of a planned surgery, we are here to help.

If you are interested in receiving training to serve with hospital visits, contact Nancy Anderson.

Compassionate Card and Calling Ministry

Heny Sadikin

Here is something you can do from your kitchen table at home. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea and then either call someone or write a note or two to a person in need. It could be a homebound person, someone battling disease or heartache or loss, or a person serving the Lord who could use encouragement.

If you would like help or suggestions of names, please contact Heny Sadikin at 50.-690.8311

Technical Support for the Elderly

Are you a senior without family members nearby who are skilled in answering your phone, computer, or printer questions? This team would love to drop by and help diagnose your technical challenges. For help, see the website form or email Jim Clementson at [email protected]

Meals Ministry

Jean Alleman

This team provides opportunity to connect with and care for others in a practical way by providing a meal in times of need or crisis. We provide meals to those who have had surgery, an illness or injury, a new baby, or other event that may limit their ability to cook for themselves. Volunteers who sign up are asked to prepare and deliver a meal if they are available. How many and how often you participate is up to you – there is no minimum meal commitment and timing is flexible, so this can be a great option for folk who are not able to volunteer regularly.

For more information or to volunteer, please call/text or email Jean Alleman at [email protected] or 503.703.7952.

Helping Hands for Our Seniors

Jim Clementson

Village’s Helping Hands Ministry is here to serve widows, seniors, and Villagers with physical challenges. Some need help with chores that require standing on a ladder or step stool to change light bulbs or replace batteries in smoke detectors. Some need help with yard work or leaking faucets. Serving in groups of two or more, volunteer teams will respond to work orders submitted online or emailed to Jim Clementson at [email protected].

To volunteer, fill out the form or email Jim Clementson at [email protected].

Widow’s Ministry

Dorothy Kelson

This compassionate group of widows meets for encouraging companionship through their spiritual, cultural, and social journey. They seek to be available for those newly widowed or those who come to Village as a widow. Their mission: “building a companionship and support network of Village widows, through the power of the Holy Spirit, as we grow in Christ and the newness God has for us.”

For more information, contact Dorothy at [email protected] or call her at 503.643.3167.

Knitting and Crocheting

Jackie Revilla

This is another ministry where you can participate from inside your home or in periodic gatherings. This newly-formed ministry comes from the desire of Jackie Revilla to use the “love of making” through knit and crochet to bring hope and encouragement to the homebound, the ill, farm workers, or someone undergoing chemotherapy who could use a shawl of love around their shoulders. Perhaps we can knit or crochet for the homeless and distribute through Portland Rescue Mission.

Contact Jackie Revilla at [email protected] or 971-570-6815 if you would love to join this group.

Quilting Ministry

Julie Waterbury

Do you quilt? Would you care to use your skill in ministry to others? This group of dedicated ladies used to meet in person at the church for fellowship as they pursued their craft but now, due to COVID-19, they are regrouping.

If you have an interest in quilting, please contact Julie at 971.544.7168.

Women’s Prayer Team

Kathy Crawford

Sharing our hearts with our Heavenly Father through prayer is foundational to a deep connection to each other and our Lord. This intimate group of ladies regularly meets online in Kathy’s ZOOM ROOM on Thursday mornings from 10:00-10:45am. We welcome your attendance or come when you can.

To join, contact: Kathy Crawford at [email protected] and get on the list.

Memorial Ministry

Nancy Anderson 

When memorial situations for Villagers arise, a pastor and the director will meet with the family to assist in planning the service and carry-out the wishes of the family. It is our desire to give families as much support as possible during their time of grief. We have a team who help with technical needs, set-up of the facility, and hosting on the day of the service. There are currently opportunities to help with the memorial reception team by setting up, serving, and cleaning up afterwards.

If interested, contact Nancy at [email protected].

Bereavement Ministry

Mary Roberts

Grief takes many forms when someone you love dies. No two people respond exactly the same, but we do know it is a process whether the death of your loved one is recent or in the past. Those of us navigating grief join together to share our stories and to seek God’s pathway through deepest heartache. Two times a year, we want to provide such a place where you can listen, learn, and grow with others in a confidential and caring setting.

If you are interested in such a class, contact Mary Roberts at [email protected]

One-on-One Support for Women

Poppy Smith

Want a confidential space to share what’s on your heart and receive spiritual/emotional support and prayer?
This can be in person, or it can be via Zoom or phone.

Contact Poppy for a private time to talk. Poppy Smith, 503.367.1374, [email protected]