Administrative Specialist and Scheduler

Sheri Moxley


Sheri and her family were first drawn to Village by the children’s ministry and multicultural mission of the church. This mission resonates with Sheri and has become a key component of her faith journey. The multicultural church has richly blessed her with worship experiences, amazing friends, and a place to serve.

For many years, Sheri was part of Village Nursery staff and a regular volunteer in Village’s front office. She is now in her current role of Administrative Specialist and Scheduler supporting the ministry staff by coordinating and managing use of the entire Village campus. This role brings her in contact with all staff, many Village members, and the larger community as they utilize Village facilities. Words of wisdom from Sheri: “If you need a room – fill out the form.”

While Sheri loves all her family members (husband David and two adult children Joanna and Michelle), she specifically cares for her dog Daisy, who has more photos on her phone than the rest of the family. Sheri is a book lover in all forms: paper, electronic, and audio.