Relational and Mental Health 


Village’s Relational and Mental Health Ministry seeks to shatter stigmas, provide education, and offer companionship and support. 

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Grief and Loss

Life is marked by losses. Those losses take many shapes. Examples include not just the loss of loved ones, but the loss of a relationship, or the loss of employment, or the loss of health. But you need not walk alone. Our loss-and-grief support group is a safe place that offers companionship as you do the work of grieving.

Anxiety and

Do you struggle with feeling sad and guilty, do you lack energy, and find it difficult to enjoy things or take an interest in things? You are not alone. And you need not walk alone. Join our small group for support as we journey together to find hope in the shadow of depression.

Trauma and Abuse

Village’s Mending the Soul group offers women impacted by physical, sexual, spiritual, verbal, neglect, and other forms of abuse a safe place for transformative healing within a trauma-informed, faith-based, nurturing community.

Family Support

Family and friends of persons with mental health challenges: Caring for family or friends with mental health challenges is taxing. If you are seeking healthy self-care and the needed balance of mind, body, and spirit in the midst of caring for loved ones with mental health issues, we are here to journey with you.

Family and friends of LGBTQ+ persons: An informal small-group gathering of people who have LGBTQ+ friends and family. We meet regularly for mutual support, encouragement, and education.

Marriage Enrichment: Are you longing for more closeness and understanding with your partner? We want to come alongside couples to strengthen their connection with each other.

Parenting Resources: Relationships between parents and children are so very close to our hearts, but we can often feel like we inhabit different planets. We’re here to help.