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The Village Recap

Discussing and Dissecting the Weekly Sermon

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What is The Village Recap?

The Village Recap is a 15 minutes weekly podcast and YouTube series. Discussions stem from Village Church’s previous Sunday sermon, with guests often asking the difficult questions or Pastors highlighting and expanding key points of the sermon.

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Who Hosts the Village Recap?

Pastor Tony Huynh facilities the discussion with a variety of guests including our weekend guest speakers, Village Staff, and sometimes members of our congregation.


How Do I Watch the Village Recap?

New episodes are posted weekly on the Village Beaverton YouTube Channel. Click above to watch the latest episode. Click below to view past episode or subscribe to our YouTube Channel to never miss an episode.

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I Have Something to Contribute, Can I Join The Conversation?

Of course! If you have questions about the weekly sermon or discussion points you want covered, please email Pastor Tony Huynh.

Many of our DNA Groups use the Village Recap as a resource in their weekly or bi-weekly meetings. DNA Groups are the small group ministry at Village; DNA standing for Discover, Nurture, Act. It’s our hope that every Villager is connected through a group at Village. Find more information here.