Paul Choi


Dr. Paul Kyu-Jin Choi, a Korean-New Zealander, joined the pastoral team at Village in June, 2014. Having graduated from University of Canterbury (NZ) with Philosophy and Japanese majors, he studied theologies at Regent College (Canada), London School of Theology (UK), Western Seminary (USA) and Boston College (USA). His academic research included areas of Korean diaspora immigrant theology, missional ecclesiology, multiculturalism and spiritual direction. He served as a pastor at Korean churches in Canada and the UK, and as a campus ministry worker in Canada. He is married to Jane, whom he met in New Zealand during college years, and has two daughters, Lois and Dana. 

“I believe a multicultural church could be described as a multi-spiritualities church. Each culture has its own ways to relate and worship the Triune God, and we can only be more complete together by learning from and being influenced by one another.”

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