Global Outreach Giving

Global Outreach Giving enables you to participate in holistic efforts to proclaim the love of God especially to those who have never heard of Jesus. Your giving will help change hearts and transform communities locally and globally. Choose any “Give” button to be directed to where you may direct your funds.

Global Outreach Where Most Needed

All our Global Outreach categories are significant ministries worthy of your support. At times some areas are in greater need of finances than others. By giving to “Where Most Needed” you will help funds go where they are most needed at the time, knowing that your monies are going to people we trust and to ministries that are making a difference.


Village Global Workers

Your Global Giving will help restore the support of our Village global workers of whom Village supports 34 individuals and families serving in cross cultural ministries. Your gifts will also enable Village to support families like Joe and Karen Adams in Lesotho with MAF, Brian and Melissa Leak who are mobilizing churches to join efforts against human trafficking in Europe, and many others.

To receive newsletter updates from our global workers, email [email protected].


Short Term Team Ministries

Join other Villagers in bringing hope and healing to marginalized refugee communities in the Near East through our short term team ministries. Your giving will provide medical care, children’s day camps, Discovery Bible studies, mental health services, and youth tutoring & occupational skills training. Your financial gifts will also empower long term workers who partner with our short term team offering compassionate care year around.


ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages)

Village’s all volunteer ESOL team impacts hundreds of people in our local community providing language skills that enable employment, relationships, and the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus. Our classes represent over 30 heart languages such as Korean, Nepali, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. Your giving provides opportunity for sharing the love Jesus to our Village neighbors.


Special Projects

Village special projects are unique opportunities to make a difference among unreached people groups such as Marilyn Escher’s Bible translation project among the Wolof people of Senegal. Another current need is funding for church planting efforts in South Asia providing support for grassroots pastors often persecuted for their faith. Your giving will also fund leadership development in restricted access countries empowering national believers.


Disaster Relief 

Funding Global Outreach gives Village the ability to respond quickly empowering local church efforts in caring for people in the after-math of a natural disaster. Your funds will be used to provide compassionate aid locally and globally.


Next Generation

Giving to Global Outreach will fund the training of future global missionaries and of Villagers ministering in our local community.  On average Village sends out 2-4 long term workers every year. Your gifts will strengthen Village’s outreach efforts by equipping believers in ministry skills and by inspiring others to consider their role in reaching our community and the world for Christ.