Mom’s Life Group


Our Mom’s life group enjoys fellowship, prays for each other, and finds unity in studying the Scriptures and then doing what the living Word says. Our focus is allowing the power of God’s Word through his Spirit to change our hearts while we encourage one another. Life is challenging and we want to help each other as moms keep the focus on Christ as the center of our home. 

We meet every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesday of the month. 

One of the biggest challenges for moms joining a group is the logistics of childcare. Meeting at Village allows us to have paid nursery staff responsible for our littlest saints (under 3). For our older kids, we have a shared rotation in which moms from our group volunteer 1 hour of our meeting time to be with our older kids. This allows us to share the cost of childcare through volunteer hours, enabling any mom interested to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

For more info or to arrange a visit, please send an e-mail to [email protected] asking for more information about this group. (Please include your full name and best e-mail address and/or phone number to reach you at.)