Village’s Missions Celebration 2022

October 15 – November 20

Missions Celebration is an intentional period of time we spend focusing on God’s work in the world. This year’s six-week long celebration theme is “Let the Whole World Rejoice”. We will welcome guest speakers in our Sunday worship services, hear personal accounts, offer workshops, host several missions conferences, and commission international workers over the next six weeks. Through these opportunities, we pray that each Villager will rejoice in seeing what God is doing around the world and also find your call in light of this vision.

Find details below on all our upcoming events and guest speakers.

Saturday, October 15


[Seminar] “Cultivating a Multicultural Worshiping Community: Issues and Challenges”

12-2pm | Columbia Rooms

Cultivating a multicultural worshiping community can be challenging for anyone regardless of where you are on the journey or what cultural background you come from. Experienced multicultural worship leaders, Ananda Bossois (Brazilian) and Jaewoo Kim (Korean-American), will share about their unique journeys, challenges, and issues they face as multicultural worship leaders. This seminar is for anyone interested to learn from diverse teachers about what it takes to build a multicultural worshiping community. This seminar is in partnership with Proskuneo Ministries. RSVP here.

Sunday, October 16


[Speaker] Jason Fileta

10am Sunday Service

Jason Fileta grew up outside Chicago, Illinois, the son of Egyptian immigrants. The plight of the persecuted church in Egypt compelled him to become an advocate for justice. He is a contributor and editor of Live Justly, a book that has been used by Christians all over the world to mobilize for justice. In 2019 he joined Tearfund USA, and currently serves as the Vice President of Advocacy and Engagement. Tearfund follows Jesus where the need is greatest – responding to crises and disasters and working with local churches in 50 countries to overcome poverty and injustice.


[Workshop] “Poverty, Climate Change, & Christian Response”

4-6pm | Columbia Rooms

Jason Fileta will help us dive deeper into the connection between climate change and poverty and learn what Christians can do to bring healing to God’s creation and hope to people He created to know Him. RSVP here

Sunday, October 23


[Speaker] Rick Gerhardt

10am Sunday Service

Rick Gerhardt has combined his passion for God’s Word, God’s world, and God’s people throughout his career as a research ecologist/conservation biologist and his many teaching and preaching opportunities. Specializing his field research on owls, hawks and eagles in the Northwest, Rick has authored or coauthored more than two dozen scientific journal articles and book chapters and has traveled widely to present the results of his research. Graduate and undergraduate courses he has designed and taught include Theology of Creation, Creation Care, General Apologetics, Science and the Bible, and Christianity and the Life of the Mind. Rick has graduate degrees in the diverse fields of Christian apologetics (MA, Biola) and raptor ecology (MS, Boise State).


[Village Kids] Pre-K International Village Let the Whole World Rejoice!

10am | Lower Kids Village

Preschool International Village will be open October 23 to our younger Villagers where they will learn about God’s love for people everywhere and how God’s creation was made to sing His praises everywhere to everyone! Play in a child-sized yurt, plant a succulent, wear tire tread shoes from Ethiopia, choose your favorite rock, compare pinecones, and learn how all of God’s creation was made to declare His glory!


[Village Kids] K-5th Grade Guest Speakers Joe & Karen Adams

10am | Gym

K-5th grade kids will discover what missions in Lesotho is all about from Missionaries Joe & Karen Adams. Joe is a pilot with MAF who flies pastors all over the country so they can reach and teach people in Lesotho the Good News of Jesus.

October 27-29


[Conference] Refugee Highway Partnership

Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) – an international network of churches, agencies and individuals serving forcibly displaced people. Hosted by Village, the 2022 RHP North America Roundtable, will take up the Scriptural call to: Build Up the Highway. Over this three-day, in-person event, plenary sessions and table talks will provide opportunities for inspiration and equipping. Through interactive sessions and networking, you can find companions for the journey and create space to welcome more. Learn more and register here.

October 30


[Speaker] Lead Pastor Paul Choi, “Christ & Culture”

Responding to the Cultural Mandate, Christians perceive themselves to be called to live in the world, but not to be of it. And there is no more crucial issue facing Christians today than the relationship of the church and the gospel to contemporary culture. What does the Bible inform us about Christians’ interaction and engagement with contemporary culture? How do we live out the call, considering the complexity of today’s culture? How is Christ redeeming the contemporary culture today?


[Village Kids] K-5th Grade Global Fair

10am | Gym

It’s here! The Global Fair filled with over 18 stations of fun and learning! Discover how God’s creation declares His glory and how God is using Christians who take care of God’s creation to make Himself and His love for people known everywhere. Start your seed and rock collections, get glow in the dark stars, learn what a vanilla bean can teach us about God, who are unreached people, and much more while surrounded by photo backdrops of God’s creation of the mountains, ocean, rainforest, polar icecaps, and deep space! This is a Sunday not to miss!

November 4-5


[Conference] Student ConneXion for Middle and High School Students

Ignite is a 2-day event that will challenge students, ages 10-20, to give their life for a cause that is greater than anything they may have previously thought of or imagined. The cause is the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. We are intentionally seeking out students who are ready to go far beyond anything their iPhones, Xboxes, girlfriends, boyfriends, sports, clubs or even their college plans could ever offer them! The Challenge is for students to live an Acts 1:8 lifestyle. Learn more and register here.

Sunday, November 6


[Speaker] Josh Davis

10am Sunday Service

Worshiping the Triune God in a multicultural community in Christ may sound beautiful, as well as challenging. It could be an inconvenient way of worshiping, and we might wonder why this is meaningful and necessary. Josh Davis, the founder of Proskuneo Ministries, will guide us through the Bible, theology, and practices around multicultural worship, and help us to see beauty of the invitation. Proskuneo Ministries in Clarkston, Georgia promotes unity in the body of Christ through multilingual and multicultural worship gatherings, worship resources, and worship training for leaders.

Sunday, November 13


[Speakers] Stephen and Joy Yoon

10am Sunday Service

Stephen and Joy, founders of IGNIS Community, are becoming members of Village and will be commissioned as Village international workers. Going beyond politics and ideology, IGNIS operates various type of projects that are done with integrity and compliant to the local as well as international law. IGNIS offers special love to children with behavioral and developmental disabilities where they help them achieve dreams and hopes for the future.

Sunday, November 20


[Speaker] Lead Pastor Paul Choi, “Celebrating the Mission of God”

10am Sunday Service

The living God is a missionary God and is at work. To follow Christ is to participate in His mission, and we are called to follow Him every day through ordinary things and activities. How do we participate in His missions today? How could we relate to this call and our daily life? How do we celebrate the mission of God through ordinary activities?