Migrant Camp Serving Opportunities

By Serving People, We Serve The Lord

For the last fifteen years, we’ve had the privilege to minister in different Migrant Camps. Every year new people join and every year we present Jesus as our personal savior. This year, many more migrant workers have come legally to Oregon to work in the fields.

This year, we are focusing on three main areas:

a) Social Work: The majority of the new workers come to Oregon with the hope of making enough money to go back to their home villages until the next year. We provide clothing for both work and day wear. This clothing is also sent back to their home villages. We hand out food to workers (rice, beans, tortillas) and provide dinner every Wednesday for around 300 people.

b) Preaching the Gospel: Every Wednesday, we lead a small devotional that focus on the Gospel, worship, and share testimonies of different villagers, as well we present the opportunity to open their heart to Jesus as their personal savior.

c) Make Discipleship: We host bible studies with people who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and prepare them for baptism for those who decide to be obedient to this command.

In past years, it was wonderful to see the Village community serve and build relationships in different ways and to serve the Lord together through this ministry. We saw HF, KF, AAF, Youth, and more join us.



Summer 2023 dates and times TBA


• Safe travels for the workers and that they have no issues at the border
• You can be a channel of blessing for these workers
• Finances needed for each activity
• Grace and blessing from the Lord over these workers
• Unity among Villagers and workers
• Safety from the moment we enter until the moment we leave


• Hand out meal bags
• Donate clothing (adult items needed)
• Hand out clothing
• Sharing the Gospel
• Praying with people