John Kwak


John is a Beaverton native and, together with his lovely wife Kelly, has two daughters Jace and Cleo. After many years in Los Angeles they began attending Village in early 2012 and shortly thereafter John came onto staff as a Director, overseeing Village University and the Asian-Am. Ministry. In June 2014 John came aboard as a Pastor at which point he began to oversee the Life Group ministry as well. John brings an M.A. in Philosophy from USC and two more in both Philosophy and New Testament from Biola University, and has an inextinguishable fire for quality education in the Church. His life verses are Mk. 8:34-35 and Rom. 12:2. On the side John also works as a licensed tax consultant and an adjunct professor of philosophy at Multnomah University. “What multicultural means to me – the opportunity to taste a bit of heaven on Earth, and to feel a sense of belonging not in spite of who I am but because of it.”

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