Village Japanese Ministry Director

Yoshiki Saeki

Pastor Yoshiki Saeki is the Director of Japanese Ministry, officially launched September 12, 2021. Pastor Yoshiki comes to us from Simple Truth International Church, which merged with Village in 2021. He has been pastoring the Japanese community in Oregon for over 20 years and is pursuing his Masters of Divinity from Multnomah University.

Simple Truth was started in 2014 with three families as a house church. They set their focus and mission to those who have Japanese cultural and language heritage such as international students or married couples. The Lord guided them faithfully and they celebrated people’s life changing and became witnesses to people entering into a merciful relationship with God.

In 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Simple Truth began renting space from Village and built a great relationship with our pastors and directors. As they sought to toward a ministry direction in prayer, the people of Simple Truth grew a desire to join Village. For several months, they prayed and sought the Lord’s guidance about this transition and integration with leaders of Village.

“Becoming part of the multicultural community of Village means that we celebrate and rejoice to be a part of this beautiful body of Christ among diverse people groups. We have much to learn, to grow, and to accomplish but more than that we are very excited and looking forward to walking in the journey together as one church at Village.”