Senior Director of Integration

Insil Kang

Insil Kang began attending Village in 2010. As a fourth generation Christian, second generation Korean American, and first generation Oregonian, Village’s multicultural vision provided the challenge and support Insil desired in her faith life.

In a check-in meeting with Pastor Renjy Abraham, she was asked if she had ever considered working for the church, and that began an unexpected discernment process and conversation about vocation and serving the body of Christ. Insil had desired to be part of a multicultural church, but to work for one felt like a privilege.

Insil was first hired in the summer of 2014 to oversee cross cultural communications at Village as well as local outreach and partnerships. Through her time at Village, her educational background in languages, Intercultural Relations, as well as a professional career in higher education and nonprofit (international education, student development and community outreach) were now utilized to serve the church.

Now, Insil serves with the Lead Team as Senior Director of Integration, a role that endeavors to bring our diverse community together through collaboration and partnership. She supervises the stellar team of Village Kids, Students and Families, Spiritual formation, and Hospitality and Volunteerism.