At Village, we consider ourselves to be a multicultural community in Christ.


The gospel of Christ is good news to all people, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, class or background. All humanity finds solidarity at the cross, where we recognize our common need for salvation. We are multicultural out of obedience; our oneness declares that the gospel is true. In our unity, we honor and learn from one another as we journey with the Father, Son and Spirit. The Scriptures depict the community of God in heaven as comprised of people from every nation. God calls us to be that community of heaven here on earth now.

Here are our culturally specific Fellowships:

Asian American Fellowship:


Asian American Fellowship is Village’s ministry for English-speaking Asians. Its mission is to “glorify God through Asian Americans by celebrating their culture, ministering to their needs, connecting them to the wider Body, mobilizing them for ministry, and reaching the unchurched among them.”

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Chinese Fellowship:


Seeks to love deeply and reach many with the Gospel.  Many small and mid-sized group opportunities are available for growth and encouragement.

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East Indian Fellowship:


Reaching out to East Indians and the growing population that practice New Age philosophy.  Study and fellowship opportunities are available throughout the week.

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Hispanic Fellowship:


Spanish language ministries for all ages, focused on evangelism, prayer, and discipleship. (To see more about the recent Celebremos Nuestra Cultura 2013 please click here.)

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Korean Fellowship:


Korean language ministries for all ages, focused on evangelism, prayer, and discipleship.

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Mosaic Cross Cultural Fellowship:


Mosaic is a multicultural group uniting in our desire to follow Christ, seeking to bring glory to God and celebrating our cultural diversity.

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村庄浸信教会具有不同种族的事工, 欢迎有不同文化背景的人士参加。

华人团契:追求互爱,广传福音。具有小型和中型团契活动, 互相鼓励, 共同成长。 东印度人团契:对人口逐渐增多的、信奉新时代哲学的东印度人广传福音。每周都有查经班和团契聚会。西班牙裔团契:使用西班牙语, 欢迎不同年龄的人参与,重点是传福音, 祷告, 和门徒训练。 韩语团契:使用韩语, 欢迎不同年龄的人参与, 重点是传福音, 祷告, 和门徒训练。