Worship Services

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The Sanctuary at Village is the larger building. We have 3 weekend worship services every weekend.

Saturday at 5:30 pm
This worship gathering is led by a band and uses current music and worship expressions along with some of the timeless worship practices like creeds, corporate prayers, and hymns.

Sunday at 9 am
This worship service utilizes more traditional forms of music that include choir, organ, and many of the classic hymns of the church along with some of the hymns and worship songs being written today.

Sunday at 11 am
This worship gathering is led by a band and uses
current music and worship expressions along with some of the timeless worship practices like creeds, corporate prayers, and hymns.



The Chapel is a smaller, interactive and highly relational service that seeks to center our lives on Christ and worship God through music, prayer and His Word. The music is band-led with creeds, corporate prayers and silence woven throughout each service. To learn more about the Village Chapel, please visit chapel.vbconline.org

The Chapel meets at 9 & 11 am on Sunday mornings


If you see the tagline under our logo, you will notice that we are “A Multi-Cultural Community in Christ”. At Village we have services in multiple languages for different cultures. Here is a list of our cultural worship services:

Hispanic Fellowship
2:00 pm Sundays in the Chapel

Korean Fellowship
7:00 pm Wednesdays in the Chapel


Why do we Worship?

God’s greatness demands our worship. It’s what we were created to do. We believe that worship happens as a response to God’s revelation. When we rightly respond to God in worship, we are transformed, and find our deepest longings satisfied in Him.

Gathered to Worship

Our worship services are a time for us to gather together in worship. Something happens when we meet together that cannot happen when we are alone. It is critical then, that we come not as passive attenders, but as active participants—not as an audience, but as part of the cast, the choir—engaging in relationships and in the act of worship.

Expressions of Worship

During the service, we have opportunities to respond in worship through Scripture, songs, prayers, confession, repentance, communion, giving, and silence.

We encourage you to engage in the message by listening, taking notes and or jotting down questions to text or email the pastor. It’s important to approach this time by asking questions like, “what does this Scripture say about God?”, “what does it say about me?”, and “what needs to change in my life as a result?”

Repentance and prayer are vital elements of the Christian life. There are areas inside the alcoves designated for both. We also invite you to linger after the service where our pastors and elders are available to pray with you for spiritual, physical, or relational healing.

Communion is a fellowship with Christ and an expression of our constant need for Him. When we partake of the bread and wine we commune with the body and blood of Jesus. We encourage you to worship in this way each week.

Giving We give in the same way God gives to us, generously and sacrificially. Please place your offering in the giving box in the back, or use the kiosk the Chapel lobby. You can also give online by visiting villagebc.securegive.com.

Scattered to Worship

Our worship doesn’t end when we leave this gathering. Worship is a lifestyle of responding to who God is and what He has done. As we discover who He is, we worship Him by reflecting those same qualities to the world around us.