Our Mission

Established in 1949 Village Baptist Church is an historic church reaching out to the cultural climate in Washington County. Village pursues Jesus through genuine relationship, engaging worship and strategic service opportunities to foster spiritual growth and the transformation of our community

A Multicultural Community In Christ


The gospel of Christ is good news to all people, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, class or background. All humanity finds solidarity at the cross, where we recognize our common need for salvation. We are multicultural out of obedience; our oneness declares that the gospel is true. In our unity, we honor and learn from one another as we journey with the Father, Son and Spirit. The Scriptures depict the community of God in heaven as comprised of people from every nation. God calls us to be that community of heaven here on earth now.

Pursuing Truth


The fall of humanity began with a lie and we live in a world that continues to distort the truth. God has revealed truth through the Living Word, written word and through His creation. Jesus is the Truth, and the Truth sets us free. We are a community committed to discovering truth, being transformed and unleashed. Our passion is to be a thought-provoking community that radically impacts the world and welcomes others into our lifelong pursuit to know the truth.

Responding in Worship


Worship is a response to who God is and what He has done. When we rightly respond to His truth, we are transformed and find our deepest longings satisfied in Him. In our corporate gathering, we join with the worldwide body of Christ, including the saints throughout history, to center on Jesus and confess sin, declare our gratitude, and to bring our requests. Our worship however, must not end when we leave the weekend service. Worship is a lifestyle of responding to His revelation. As we discover who He is, we worship Him by reflecting those same qualities to the world around us.

Marked by Love


Jesus was once asked what the most important command of the Law was. His response was clear and simple: love God and love others. This love permeated every- thing Jesus did in His life, death and resurrection and He marks his followers with the work that has been done in us. As the community of Christ, our very existence should exude love, not simply in an effort to fulfill a commandment, but because in doing so, we reveal the very essence and nature of God to all those around us. We love only by receiving God’s love; we are called to love just as He loves us.

Living the Gospel


God is on a mission to redeem and restore all of creation. At the center of this mission is the good news that through the person and work of Jesus, God’s kingdom is breaking in and changing everything. Through the gospel, relationships with God and others are restored, wrongs are made right, and the beauty of God is renewed in people and the world. The gospel invites us to join God’s mission to restore relationship, justice, and beauty. By the Spirit, we are sent out to live the gospel in words and actions, both at home and abroad, to point all to Jesus.