Global Outreach

God loves all people, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to worship Jesus Christ and to experience His love personally. It’s a privilege to partner with God in sharing His love with the peoples of the world, especially the one-third of the world’s population who has never heard the name of Jesus! We believe we are blessed so we can bless others and that we’re commanded to share the Gospel while loving our neighbor. We desire every believer at Village to experience first-hand this partnership by developing a lifestyle of prayer, support, and personal involvement in cross-cultural outreach – at home and abroad.

God loves people. If you want to find out what God is doing in the world and how you can partner with Him to make a difference in people’s lives worldwide, then Village is the church for you.

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Short Term Outreach

Village is actively involved in South Asia and the Near East.

Our focus is to reach the most spiritually marginalized people in the world. Village teams go specifically to people groups where God’s Word and His message are not readily available. Months of comprehensive training is designed to develop cultural sensitivity, expand worldviews, build faith, nurture friendships, and empower individuals to serve.

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Lebanon Medical Team

Caring for the people of Beirut and offering spiritual renewal for the staffs of YFC and HOME.


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