Spring Giving Opportunities

Ended June 15, 2023
Please consider partnering with us this spring above and beyond your normal giving. We’re excited to focus on several opportunities for you to make a significant impact on current and future ministry.

We spend the vast majority of money we are given each year to minister to our community and partner communities around the world. Village’s “outward focused” ministry to Portland neighborhoods, our ministries for the congregation, and our investment in training church leaders to witness outside our walls is growing and exciting! This spring we’ve identified several “inward focused” areas that every Villager can take part in so that both our people and facility have a continued impact on those who come to our campus. Please pray about participating in opportunities ranging from updates to preserve and re-energize beloved spaces to investing in the future of our church leaders.

If you are able to give financially, please write the name of the chosen fund on the memo line of your check or select the appropriate fund through PushPay. For gifts of stock, IRA contributions, or other creative gifts, talk to your tax advisor about your specific situation and, if you’d like to give in this way, contact Patty Deiser, Village Finance Manager, at [email protected].
Updated June 18, 2023.

Chapel Refresh: Goal $50,000

Bless the hundreds of people who use this historic, sacred worship space weekly, including meetings for our youth ministry, ethnic fellowships, women's Bible Study Fellowship, etc. as well as important events like recitals, memorial services, and weddings. This is the first renovation in recent memory and will include:
  • New carpet: $28,000
  • Stage redesign: $7,000
  • Bathrooms remodel: $15,000
  • New exterior doors: $25,000 (optional)

Continuing Education for Village Leaders: Goal $30,000

Finding church staff and community members who are gifted in multicultural ministry is a challenge and we want to invest in and develop the next generation pastors and church leaders that God has already brought to us. Sending staff or congregants to seminary courses, workshops, or other training will enable them to equip us all for greater missional, multicultural leadership here and around the globe. Village had a scholarship fund in the past to provide partial scholarships for tuition. Help us revive it!

Energy Efficient Furnaces: Goal $94,000

This will cover four furnaces and new ducts for the Fireside Room, Chapel, Music Room, Fellowship Hall, and several other smaller rooms. The current equipment is 40 years old and not energy efficient! Any failure in our current, aging, equipment would literally impact almost 1,000 people a week who use these spaces. Additionally, there is no air conditioning in our kitchen, Fireside Room, and Music Room. We value hospitality and that includes comfortable heating or cooling temperatures in these important parts of our buildings!
If you pray and want to give to these opportunities, please give above and beyond your normal giving to the Ministry Offering which funds our staff, missionaries, campus operations, and ministry expenses. Note that you can give to one or more of the opportunities. If we exceed our giving goal for any particular project, the extra money will be used for underfunded projects. If a certain project still doesn’t meet its goal, we’ll do a portion of the work planned.

Non-Financial Giving Opportunities

Besides contributing financially, there are other valuable ways to be involved. Please consider one or more of the following.

Recycle Cans & Bottles

Come by the Worship Center info counter and get a “blue bag” with a sticker. When you redeem your cans or bottles at any local “BottleDrop” station, the money will automatically be deposited in our Facilities Special Projects account and used for the Chapel refresh or energy-efficient furnaces.

Youth Missions

Commit to praying and creating care packages for Youth going to the Yakima Nation this summer. Email [email protected].

Chapel Remodel

Commit to helping with demolition days for Chapel remodel (i.e. ripping out old carpet, repainting bathrooms). Click below,  select the Facilities option, and then "Chapel Work Day").

Campus Work Days

Summer cleaning (indoor) and yard work (outdoor) work days. Click below, select the Facilities option, and then "All Campus Work Day").


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