Discover Kids

Our upper elementary ministry encourages students to Discover who God is in order to help them form an identity as a valued child of God through studies in Discovery Bible Study for Kids! Classes are offered Sunday during worship service times.

We believe Discovery Bible Study (DBS) will revolutionize the way you teach children from the Bible and that through His Word and Spirit their lives will be transformed. DBS is about teaching children God’s Word by creating a relational learning environment where children can become eye-witnesses and active participants in God’s Story. DBS relies on the teaching method of Jesus: telling stories, interactive experiences, and meaningful discussions.

Questions? Email our Village Kids Director, JoAnna Flynn.

Join Us!

First-Fifth Grade as of Sept 1

We are excited to partner with you through this time of discipling your child in their spiritual life. Our faithful Ministry Partners strive to provide important biblical information that is relevant to each child’s life, while maintaining that building a relationship with a child may be the most effective teaching tool of all.

Our classrooms are located on the upper floor of Kid’s Village, our south most building. The KidCheck station is located on the lower floor, halfway down the hall. Once you’ve checked in downstairs, our Greeters will be happy to guide you to the proper classroom for your child.

Our classrooms are full staffed by our faithful Ministry Partners. If you feel called to hangout with our kids, tell a story, lead a song, or be someone’s special buddy, please contact us! We are looking for weekly Partners, Summer only Partners, and substitutes.

Discovery Core Essentials

There are certain things you will find in every aspect of Discovery Bible Study. Leaders are taught to listen rather than lecture… listen to the Holy Spirit and the responses of the children, then encourage the children to also listen and be obedient to God’s voice. We want to create environments where children learn: who God is, who they are (their purpose and value) and how to have a relationship with Jesus that is real and personal. We believe these things will happen when the following core essentials are practiced:

  • Bible Centered: The core of every lesson, both in teaching children and training leaders, is the Bible Story. Everything continually keeps coming back to the story and discovering who God is and how to follow
  • Fun: When there is fun and laughter, children will want to be involved, come back and bring their friends with them. Making learning fun is key in children’s ministry.
  • Reproducible: DBS is simple and practical. Leaders can show others how to use this strategy and the kids can retell the Bible stories to family and friends.
  • Relational: Of all things that draw children closest to Jesus, relationships are by far the most critical thing needed. It’s not just about teaching a lesson, but it’s getting to know the children and what is stirring in their hearts.
  • Spirit-led: Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would be the One who would reveal all the things that Jesus taught. The Holy Spirit is the teacher and the One who transforms a life. We need to be listening and moving in the directions the Holy Spirit is leading us.
  • Family Friendly: Each week the children’s Discovery Bible Study aligns in a child appropriate manner with the passages taught in the adult services enabling parents to discuss and compare with their children what they learned from passage explored that week. The Bible Discovery method can also be adopted by parents at home as they read the Bible together.