Director of Creative Arts & Worship


Village Church is looking for a creative and inspired follower of Jesus to join our diverse and energetic team. We are praying that you will find a vocational home with us.

Our desire for creative arts and worship that shapes and disciples our people is newly focused and defined. If you get excited to consider all the ways art and creativity can impact a faith community, then we want to talk to you!

Village Church endeavors to be a missional, multicultural community in Christ, aiming for an integrated spiritual life where our differences are known and honored, but our preferences are laid aside when we participate in corporate worship. Your role would be to deepen our ministry goals of reconciliation through discipleship and spiritual maturity for all generations, ethnic cultures, and spiritualities at Village. It’s a big task so we want your role to be in collaboration with a team of ministry leaders that you would pastor and direct.

We are praying that you are desiring to see something new for the body of Christ when it comes to how we interact with art and worship. We are praying that you will deny imposter syndrome and consider what God could do through you. We are praying that you don’t have all the answers but love to figure things out.

Hear how our Lead Pastor Paul Choi teaches us about our call to be an integrated church.

Catch a glimpse of the Village community ready to meet you. 

Core Specifications for your role:


Who you are:

  1. Profess personal faith in Jesus Christ as evidenced by spiritual growth and passion for God.
  2. Ability to work cross culturally with a multi-multi-ethnic staff team, worship team, and congregation
  3. Proven experience as an artist (e.g., portfolio)
  4. Passion, knowledge, and skills in various musical expressions
  5. Proven experience as a team worker and in collaborative leadership
  6. Disciple-maker heart with a pastoral and missional passion
  7. You take pride in your work and it shows in your accountability.


What you will do:

  1. Empower and cultivate artistic culture in our community, integrating appropriate expressions of art into our church’s overall life
  2. Create and promote artistic expressions of faith, worship, and community-life in a multicultural church context
  3. Manage creative team staff and volunteers (Assistant Director of Worship, Technical Artist, Worship Leaders, Vocalists, Musicians, Choral Director, Digital Ministry Assistant)
  4. Responsible for Sunday service programming and content
  5. Develop and oversee ‘Artist-in-Residence’ program, and various art-projects, to promote and communicate Christian values in artistic ways
  6. Develop and partner with local/national/global galleries and artists to promote and communicate Christian values in artistic ways
  7. In collaboration with the Assistant Director of Worship, recruit and develop artists and musicians both technically and spiritually


For even more specifics, please see our full job description.

For questions, contact Pastor Insil Kang.