As we build referrals to various kinds of counseling for the many life situations that would benefit from a therapist and counselor, we are in partnership with Mercy and Hope Counseling, which maintains an office on our Village campus every Thursday for your convenience.  You may also visit the Tigard office location.

Mercy and Hope Counseling provides bilingual and bicultural support through high quality and culturally-sensitive therapy in English and Cantonese.  Christian faith and values are vital factors as the purpose of the counseling work is to assist clients to live their lives to the fullest!

Services are provided for depression, anxiety, infertility, adoption, geriatric counseling, compassion fatigue, premarital counseling, and marriage counseling along with other topics. Referrals are available for other counseling needs as well as other counseling services. Financial assistance is available.

Mercy and Hope Counseling


Brochures and business cards are available in the Worship Center lobby.