Executive Committee

The officers of the Council plus the Lead Pastor are responsible to set the agenda and ensure that all necessary information is made available before the monthly Village Council meeting. According to the bylaws, they oversee and administer the routine activities, properties, and funds of the Church.

Members: Kamal Polumaru, Dave Lewis, Justin Jullian, Wonjae Kang, Paul Choi

Nominating Committee

Led by the Council Vicechair, the committee members (5-7 per our bylaws) find and choose the Council candidates for the following year’s election by the congregation. They serve a two-year term without successive terms and are voted on by the congregation.

Members: Wonjae Kang (chair), Matt Doyle, Michelle Juetten, Jason Lee, Pamela Ryan, Tom Smith

Personnel Commission

Led by a Councilor, this group is responsible for the oversight of employee-related policies and procedures of the Church. Members are appointed by the Councilors and can’t serve more than six consecutive years. 

Members: Ron Henricksen (chair), Mary Clapp, Patty Orozco, Ben Spotts

Stewardship Commission

Led by the Council Treasurer, this group oversees the stewardship of the finances and properties of the Church. Members are appointed by the councilors, and can’t serve more than six consecutive years.

Members: Dave Lewis (chair), Patty Deiser, Dale Himes, David Joe, Katie Quarles, Heny Sadikin, Ben Spotts