Our Vision is to see the body of Christ become a powerful mission force that works to prevent sex trafficking and that brings God’s love and hope to the vulnerable and broken who are impacted by sex trafficking’s devastating effects.

What are we doing?

Develop Awareness — We want to reach all of the Village fellowships and ministries to educate and create awareness of trafficking, how our culture reinforces it, and what we as Christ followers can do to help.
Help Protect the Vulnerable — Serve the community to help those that are vulnerable to trafficking.
Help Victims Recover — Provide mentoring, support and aid to victims and survivors of trafficking.

What is Trafficking?

The exploitation of adults and children by the use of force, fraud or coercion. One example of a sex trafficking survivor is Rebecca Bender. She went on to establish the Rebecca Bender Initiative. Her 4 minute video story is here.

Why Does it Matter?

  • Average starting age is 14 years old.
  • Over 100,000 minors are trafficked each year in the US.
  • Average life expectancy is 7 years.
  • Greatest risk for runaways, foster children, and people of color.

What Can I Do?