Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson

How and when did you become a Christian?  I made a commitment to follow Christ when I was about 12 years old. I had asked Jesus into my heart earlier, but it was when I was 12 that I prayed that the Lord would lead me and direct the course of my life while I followed and obeyed.

When did you start coming to Village and why?  My family started coming to Village in 1976.  I was only in 1st grade at the time, but I do recall that one of the reasons we stayed at Village was the warm welcome another family gave us on our first visit.  They invited us to their home after church and made sure that we got connected.  Village has been my home church ever since.

How do you believe God wants to use you as an Elder at Village?  I served on the Board 10 years previously, so I believe my experience as a leader at Village and the understanding of the path that we have been on will help navigate the course forward. I’ve been asked to fill the role of Vice Chairman, which is a position I held in my last 5 years.  In addition to being part of the Executive Committee, I will lead the Nomination Committee in selecting elder candidates to join future Boards.

What ministries are you currently involved with here at Village?  I’ve been involved in the Personnel Commission for the last six years.

How can we as a church pray for you and your family?  Like the other elders, I could use prayer for wisdom and guidance in helping to lead our church. Please pray for righteousness, love, peace and spiritual protection over all the elders and their families.