Special Guests

Paul D. Watson

Paul grew up overseas as his parents planted churches in multiple countries. Since the day God called Paul into full-time ministry, he has traveled over 200,000 miles training disciple-making teams in 7 countries and all over the United States. Paul founded Contagious Disciple Making to focus on catalyzing Disciple Making Movements among the unreached and under-reached peoples throughout the United States and Canada.

Maher El Hajj

Maher was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He became a follower of Jesus through a Youth For Christ Lebanon (YFCL)  program and now serves as their National Director for Lebanon. YFCL serves among Lebanese and Syrian refugee youth from different faith backgrounds to reach the marginalized and sometimes overlooked youth in his country.

John Sagherian

John is an Armenian Lebanese, who was born in Cyprus but grew up in Lebanon. After serving as the the National Director of Youth for Christ Lebanon for 36 years he moved on to become the Regional Director for YFC/MENA (Middle East and North Africa).  He oversees work in Lebanon as well as Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and Bahrain.  John is an internationally respected leader in youth minstry.