Welcome to Village Online

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Welcome to this sacred, digital space of worship. We invite you to come as you are and rest in the fellowship as we worship the Lord together. Below you will find services in four languages and content prepared especially for our kids. Our Online Bulletin is available to all with detailed announcements and in depth sermon discussion questions.

English Service

We gather on Sunday mornings to worship together through music, shared testimony, and sermon study.

Join our Watch & Chat event, Sundays at 10am. Utilize the live chat feature to greet others and share your responses to the service. Our prayer team is available for private prayer requests throughout the service.

Detailed announcements are in our Online Bulletin. Want to dive deeper into the sermon? The Sharing and Listening guide is available for Villagers and Life Groups.

Missed a service? All past services are on the Village Beaverton YouTube channel.

Participate in Responsive Worship with us. Share your reflections to this week’s sermon.

Korean Service

저희는 주일 아침에 모여 찬양, 간증과 말씀을 통해 함께 예배합니다.

주일 오전 8시, 또는 오전 10시에 온라인예배플랫폼 에서 한인 펠로우쉽과 함께 예배에 참여하실 수 있습니다. 채팅을 통해 다른 지체들과 교제하며 예배에서 느끼신 점을 공유하실 수도 있습니다. 또한, 예배 시간 동안 개인기도 제목을 나누어주시면 저희 기도팀에서 함께 기도하도록 하겠습니다.

교회 소식은 온라인 주보를 참조해주십시오.

지난 모든 예배는 빌리지 한인부 유튜브채널에 올려져 있습니다.
이번 주 설교에 대한 여러분의 생각과 반응을 응답하는 예배 를 통해 공유하실 수 있습니다.

Spanish Service

Nos reunimos los Domingos por la mañana para adorar en comunidad a través de nuestras alabanzas, testimonios, y estudio de la predicación.

Reúnase con nuestro Ministerio Hispano para ver nuestro servicio el Domingo en vivo a las 11am. Nos presentamos desde el Santuario en la página de Facebook del Pastor Mauricio.

¿Se perdió el servicio? Todos los servicios pasados están en la página del Pastor Mauricio en Facebook.

¡Participa en Adoración Receptiva! con nosotros. Comparte tu reflexión y respuesta a la predicación de esta semana.

Mandarin Service



如果你错过了一次敬拜,没关系,我们过去所有的敬拜都可以通过点击这个链接获得,Village Beaverton YouTube channel

请跟我们一起参与“回应性敬拜” Responsive Worship , 分享你对本周主日听道的感想和回应。

Kids Weekend Experience

Calling all Village Kids! Our Kids Weekend Experience allows you to participate in church from home. Click here to access video lessons, songs, activity pages, and parent guides.