Village Kids Director

JoAnna Flynn

JoAnna and her family became Villagers in fall of 2010. In 2018, when she and her husband, Tom, were faced with difficult career decisions, God called JoAnna into ministry. As a trained elementary educator, wife of 24 years, and mother to two incredibly gregarious and extroverted young adults, JoAnna has vast experience working with the diverse needs of both children and adults.

As an effective communicator, with a passion for cultural awareness, JoAnna is excited about building relationships, understanding, and community. JoAnna sees the potential in people and is quick to encourage others to explore and embrace the opportunities God has bestowed upon them.

JoAnna believes multiculturalism is the practice of honoring, valuing, and including people of all cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, and abilities. It is seeking to understand, before we can be understood. It is celebrating our differences and recognizing our sameness. With this in mind, JoAnna leads the Village Kids Ministry Partner Team to minister to and with all children. Village kids experience leaders who love them unconditionally and guide them toward loving God and loving others. Our prayer is that through shepherding and discipleship, kids will build a personal relationship with Jesus, where they feel known, that they belong, that they are forgiven, and are dearly loved. Together, we pursue leading missional lives for Christ and invite transformation by the work of the Holy Spirit.