Community Garden

Community Garden Map

The Village Community Garden was established in 2011 with the goal of allowing Villagers and the community at large an opportunity to garden side-by-side. The garden is also a great way to create inter-generational and inter-cultural connections. Our goal is to offer a desirable and tangible resource at a low cost, allowing people to be more self sustaining, develop useful skills, and connect to God’s created earth.

The first section of 32 plots were made available that year with an additional 30 plots added in 2012. There is also a wall mural aspect to the garden as part of its overall beautification. We hope to have those mural sections completed this year with the assistance of multiple artists.

If you would like more information about the Village Community Garden, please either read our frequently asked questions section below or send us an email to [email protected].


When was the Community Garden established?
After exploring, ideating and proposing the concept in 2009, planning and orchestration began in 2010. In the Spring of 2011 we built the first (upper) section of the garden and opened to the church and to the public. In 2012 we expanded, doubling the number of plots and filling the rest of the sunny space in Village’s north lawn. In 2015 we enter our 5th growing season and look forward to a great year which will include completion of our multiple-artist garden mural.

Do I have to attend Village Baptist in order to rent a plot?
Not at all! Many gardeners attend Village but the point of the community garden is to be open to the public, a space where anyone is welcome and be a blessing the neighborhood around us.

What are my responsibilities as a renter?
Once you rent a plot, care, maintenance, watering and harvesting is all up to you. Please always use common sense in the garden, being careful not to injure yourself. Please also be respectful of this shared garden space and your gardening neighbors, making sure to not affect the plants or growth or other beds, turn off the water at the faucet and rewind the hoses so they are ready for the next person. Please pick up after yourself (and/or children and pets). Please water your own plots only and make sure to do so regularly in the hot weeks of July and August. You are also asked to de-weed the path surrounding your bed. Any weeding of decorative or herb community beds or stirring of the compost piles is also greatly appreciated. It takes a village! You are encouraged to attend the garden work parties, typically one in Spring and one in the Fall. Please remember especially to check back on your plots regularly and harvest your veggies in time so they don’t go bad.

What does Village Baptist provide to help renters grow a successful garden?
Village provides a garbage can for rubbish, a composting area for garden debris, a tool shed for storage (key code: 0316, enter), water access from 4 hose sites and a beautiful garden area to enjoy. You also are welcome to help yourself to cuttings (in reasonable single family portion amounts) from any herbs and veggies found in the community beds. These include the 3 circular beds (1 in the garden’s center and two at the back corners). We do try to leave some to linger all season long to help attract the good helpful bugs to the garden area to help us all out with any pests.

When can I rent a plot?
Allocation of plots begins April 2015.

What is the cost to rent a garden plot?
Each full bed (48 sq ft) is $20. These monies go toward the yearly soil amendment in the garden beds. You are also welcome to donate to the non-profit garden fund (specify For: Village Community Garden). This helps us purchase other garden-needed items like replacements boards, stakes, rebar, community perennial plants and flowers and can help us beautify in the future, including benches, paths and landscaping. Thank you!

Are plots available for me year-around?
Yes. From the time you turn in your form and rental fee, the plot is yours until reallocation day the following Spring. Feel free to plant wintering vegetables after traditional growing season ends! As soon as you are done gardening for the year however, it is your responsibility to clear out your plot(s) completely of garden debris. If you are not gardening with us the next year your bed must be ready for next year’s renter.

What kind of soil is used in the garden?
We began the garden with a 4-part custom mix including sandy lome and mushroom compost from Best Buy Landscape Supply in Hillsboro. Each spring we amend the soil with a fresh layer (1 or 2 inches) on top. Last season was “zoo doo” compost from the Oregon Zoo. This year we are still working on procurement but it will be some variety of nutrient-rich compost blend.

Are any chemicals or fertilizers used?
No, we don’t use any chemicals or fertilizers anywhere near the community garden. We ask that you do not use artificial pesticides, as with neighbors in close proximity, we can’t guarantee adjacent beds won’t be affected. Feel fee to amend your own soil with lime or other additives but please be careful to keep these to your own plot(s).

One aspect of the Community Garden is simply the enjoyment of the beauty that it brings. We are always looking for people to help maintain the common areas of the garden. Some of the needs include regular weeding, watering the herb and flower beds through the summer, dumping the coffee grounds, and stirring compost.

Do you have ideas about how to beautify the garden?
– We’are always looking for new ways to enhance the overall garden grounds.

Are you gifted in repair and construction?
– We can use help to build benches and make improvements to the inside of the shed.

As a community we seek new ways to connect with and serve our gardeners, which may include planning special garden events and offering gardening tips and help. If any of these appeal to you then please contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and questions.